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    Do you have a jingle?

    Iwrite Pioneer
      A client asked me about creating a jingle today. This client does a nice bit of radio and wants a musical signature or hook that listeners will connect to them.

      This request got me to wondering, what are your thoughts on jingles?

      Do you have one?
      Why not?
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          designer Tracker
          My little catch phrase has been....Ladies, do you have your FRON on?

          Kenneth Fron

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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            I don't, but I'd recommend it for a business that relies on radio advertising. Jingles stick in people's minds, so the audience "hears" your ad even when they're not really listening. Stations also tend to program ads with jingles more favorably (for instance, immediately before or after pure voice segments like the news or traffic), whereas a spot without a jingle will tend to get buried in a long stream of ads that run between music or entertainment segments, and listeners often "tune out" then.
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              FruitionDZ9 Newbie
              A jingle for radio absolutely. Not sure where else you'd want to use this unless they're going after a YouTube kind of audience. Great jingles contain an unforgettable "memory hook" which can be effective if the jingle has the business name and what makes them different along with "signature sounds." I don't have a jingle - but as a graphic designer/branding strategist working with mainly female entrepreneurs, that would be a little weird. :-)

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                FLKeysWedding Newbie

                A jingle is part of Market Branding. Very important for radio & TV