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    Need someone to loan $15000 for Chocolate Candy Shoppe

    ladyvols Newbie name is Ginny Jackson...I am looking for someone to loan $15000 to help with a start up for a chocolate confection shoppe. It will be located in Southeast Missouri..I am from Southern Illinois. I have been lots of research on this for about a year...and the market for candy is GREAT!!! I am working on a business plan..I would be using the money for lease and equipment. I would pay back with good return for someone who is willing to invest/loan money to me. I will be personal credit is not good. There are many reasons for that...all of which I take full need in making excuses this late in the game. I do however, want anyone who will be willing to do business with me, to know that repayment of this loan will as quick as possible...even if you cannot go the full amount maybe somewhere close..We can make out a payment arrangement that we both can work with. Most candy shops like the one that I intend to open make $15000 + per month. I have little to none of competition. Great area to start a business. Market for candy is always open... I will make homemade candy..If you are someone who may be interested in helping please contact me ASAP. I wish to secure my lease as soon as I can. My email is
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          designer Tracker
          I really do wish you the best of luck! Chocolate has been around for ages and certainly seems like a great investment if you are passionate about it. Have you watched any of the shows on cable TV, like "Road Tasted" with the Paula Deen brothers? They travel all around the U.S. and visit with many chocolate shop owners. Each one is so unique and different. You will really need to decide what you want to specialize in and determine what will be your "bestseller". I hope your dreams will come true!!!
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Need someone to loan $15000 for Chocolate Candy Shoppe

            Hi Ginny, Thanks for sharing where you are located and
            needing the money for the lease and equipment.
            Since you were upfront, I too will be up front and pass on this request.

            Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help with your business plan.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              TJMorehead Adventurer

              Hello Ms. Jackson,

              I can possibly help with securing funds for your candy shop. Need to assess where you are credit wise, if nothing else and if really want to get this going, you can certainly get your personal credit restored and or establish business credit while you launch your business. Call me if you're ready to make it happen! 281.914.8166 or email:

              Warm regards,
                Sebra25 Wayfarer
                hello Ginny

                Give me a business plan and your projected turnover. I will be able to get the funds you need for the business
                I am also a graphic designer, so if you need anything designing at all email your details, i will accept small percentage of the profits instead of payment upfront...


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