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    Advertising - no one's baby is ever ugly.

    Iwrite Pioneer
      How attractive is your baby? Really.

      Everyone has a great product or service. No one ever has an average product. That is one of the greatest challenges for an advertising agency, a client who wants to claim that their product or service is great when it isn't.

      I received a flyer from a Steak delivery franchise in the area today that got me to thinking. The tagline is "Heaven to go."

      My first reaction was, "yeah, right."

      Then as I was preparing to throw it away, I stopped and thought about why I was going to throw this away. The answer is simple, the claim was too big to believe. How good can a steak delivered be?

      "Heaven to go?" Get real.

      My reaction has grown from disbelief to dislike, and I haven't even tried the product. The design of the piece is okay, the prices seem fair but I can't get passed the tagline. I know someone thought it might be cute or that the product was that good but I'm not buying it.

      It is important to craft a message that promotes your product, service and business but does so in a believable fashion. Let me try it and decide that it is the next best thing. Don't try to tell me how great it is.

      This is a function of a good advertising person - to challenge the claims, to keep them believable. If you are not getting this, then demand it.

      Does your tagline help or hurt your business?

      How attractive is your baby?