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    Want to Invest $20,000+/ Silent Partner

    Kendrickh Newbie
      I am Looking to raise capital for my business venture. The company is a start up business with solid business potential. I am seeking those who are willing to invest a minimum of $20,000 up to a maximum of $100,000. Please send me contact info via email and we can discuss terms and details of business as well as investment oppurtunity. Please....... Serious individuals only. NDA Agreement is a must before any discussion of business.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Want to Invest $20,000+/ Silent Partner, Welcome

          You are looking for me to invest my money in your business. RIGHT??

          Who are you?? What kind of business?? Tell me more about you besides living in
          North Carolina. How long have you been in business??*

          Do you have an accountant?? Have you developed a Business plan that I can read??

          NDA Agreement, YES , LUCKIEST
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              Kendrickh Newbie
              Well i can tell you that i am someone who has written a business plan, i have already done the step to establish the business as well as business credit. I already have the basic in place and have been talking with banks and so on. I do have an accountant that i am working with, will except referrals. I am also someone who is looking to meet face to face to discuss business to serious individuals looking to invest money, and not share my business venture over the net. I have stated that the business is in start up stage and not yet earning income. Do you have $20,000 plus dollars that you are looking to invest in a profitable business venture?
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                  Matthew Wayfarer
                  Here man ill help you out.

                  This is how it works. You have got to give more info..not everything but just enough to get someone interested. Why? Because there are SO MANY other people on this forum looking for the same thing. Now, im going to tell you right now the responses you will get.

                  1. People from overseas banks/investors. My personal opinion on that is dont do it. There has been a post here and there saying they had success but there are a lot of scammers out there waiting to eat up people like you.

                  2. SBA...this is a route that will appear to be handed to you on a silver platter. There are also hundreds of 3rd party dealers of SBA loans who throw in their own mix and say they work with you. Id go straight to the SBA first. HOWEVER, if you dont have a credit score of higher than 750 forget it. Also be prepared to do MASSIVE paperwork and explain your life story.

                  3. Some will direct you to SCORE. Great if you are starting out and not sure what you are doing, and after that its not much help. At least for me..I went to my local SCORE and I felt way ahead of what they were showing me. Help from anyone is always appreciated...perhaps it was just the counselor I saw.

                  Anyway....I ended up just depending on myself. You can do it....seriously. Bootstrap it! Do whatever you can to get that money. It may take a bit but it happens. I was on here months ago looking for 20-25K and all the leads went nowhere. Came across someone and got the money at no cost to me and that person is a partner now who saw potential in what I put together.

                  If you have to sell your car and ride a bus then do it, if you have to sell DVDs, old clothes, misc things just to get that much closer do it. Its all about sacrifice. Fight for it!
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                      Kendrickh Newbie
                      Thansk Matt, Yeah i pretty much figured its a self help, sacrifice deal. I dont do the online threads myself i just figure i try something new. But yes i have went to S.C.O.R.E and i was ahead of what they were telling me to do. I have a book provided by the state that has alot of financial oppurtunities, but of course they are through banks which at times seem impossible to work with. I was unaware that they are looking for you credit score to be 750 or above. lol That puts alot of people out of the game. But i see that is the purpose and how the system works. A man you have a great day and wish you much success on your business.
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                        foundinkaty Newbie
                        Yea Matt you are so right SBA is a waste if you dont have credit if you have credit you dont need SBA. I have had my business for 3yrs and still cant get any money help. I am looking for someone to buy supplys or invest so that I cant make the big BUCKS. My business is doing good but GREAT is what I want.
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                            Matthew Wayfarer
                            It's hard isnt it? After going through what I went through im assuming there are so many great ideas out there that will never come to fruitition because of certain obstacles. Someone left me a voicemail earlier...whoever it was call me back because I accidentally pushed 7 instead of 9 which is erase instead of save.


                            I really dont want to come crashing down on SBAs parade, but seriously....the paperwork they want is best reserved for trial lawyers. What really got to me about them was their enthusiasm to help only to bring you to the point of peak excitement before they lay it all down for you. SCORE reps are eager to help, and dont offer the B.S. that these SBA "lenders" sling. However, if you have completed your business plan and are ahead on that end then dont bother. I couldnt even get them to review my business plan and offer me notes on tips because they just didnt understand what I wanted to do. I found someone who DID, I sent him my business plan and he provided EXCELLENT information. If anyone wants to check him out his company is called mergent planning and he actually found me on here. I plan on doing business with him. You can google mergent planning to find it.

                            They will offer you a free business plan review....very professional I would add.


                            There are so many of you out there with the determination, passion, and fire to be successful with your idea. The sad part is that 90-95% of you will never make it that far in dealing with Banks, or SBA lenders. Many seed and venture companies only want to do business on a 1 million dollar loan basis and expect high returns. DO NOT put your business, profits, and cash flow into debt handcuffs with them.

                            If you want to make it happen you have to be DIFFERENT. Sure everone has an ice cream shop, a bakery, an online business, a real estate business, a car dealership. What are you going to do different that makes a bank remember you? I cant even imagine how many hundreds, thousands of people the lenders speak with so they DO have to be picky. You cant just give large sums of money to anyone! Prove your worth, and if you get denied so what at least you proved yourself.


                            There is a book called bootstrapping I bought at borders that I would highly, HIGHLY recommend. It wasnt that expensive, and man what great information it has. It will not only motivate you, but will also guide you in thought to be in control yourself....dont pimp yourself out to anyone else for money. You can do it, I did....and so have so many others before you.