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    Wanted: Direct Sales Investor/ Angel Investor

    meganm Newbie
      My Business is currently in seed mode and I am currently looking for something very unique. I am looking for an angel investor or private investor for the development and management of the startup. Approx 25-30K for startup. This can be a loan instead of a gift. I can partner with Virgin Money and a RIO can be negotiated. the right investor will be chosen this month. RIO can go from 10-20% within the next 6-12 months.

      Thanks For Your Inquiry!
      Megan Malouin
      Bula Life Intl.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Wanted: Direct Sales Investor, O K

          Tell me more about you and your company besides being in *San Diego,

          Please explain " my Business is currently in seed mode "??

          Do you have a Business Plan that I can see??

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              meganm Newbie
              Hi Luckiest,

              I think I have communicated with you before. Yes, I have a business plan. I would be happy to forward to you if you would give me your direct email. I might not be saying this right. But, my business is running, but to fully fund it, I need to pay for my training, marketing and web design. My business is a Personal Development Business. I am an independent associate with a company I work directly with in Scottsdale AZ, Liberty League Intl. I am a strong leader and entrepeneur and have made successful business decisions in the past. Right now, I have looked into SBA, and Accion turned me down because my company had one lawsuit and they decided to plea instead of go to court. My credit score is in need of repair, but I do believe there are options out there and I will get my funding.

              Enough about me, let me know how we can communicate!

              Thanks for Your Time & Make it a Great Day!