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    Need help with Financing

    Victor87 Newbie


      My name is Victor and I live in Southern California. I am currently a college student eagerly trying to open my own business. For the past 3 months I have searched in many locations to open a LAN center, or Internet Cafe, for those who dont know, and i have finally found an amazing location right next to Burbank High School. I am currently writing a business plan and in dire need of anyone who will help because I really DONT want to lose this location. If anyone wants a quick summary of what this consists of please email me at Without wasting anymore time, I would like to thank anyone who asks.

      Thank You
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need help with Financing, Welcome to this web site.

          Victor, I would like to see your Business Plan as you write it or when it is completed.

          How soon will it be available. How much funding you looking for?? How long??
          And How and When will you repay me. You can reach me at ""

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            Victor87 Newbie

            Some extra information

            I plan to open this business in the next 2-3 months. The current lease is up in September for the current tenant, but they are able to leave sooner if possible. I would need about $30-40,000. I have been approved for a small loan of 10,000 and have start up capital and enough to start the business, but definitely not enough to stay in business for an extra year if, as they say, sh*t hits the fan.