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    Free Exposure on Google Maps - Promote your Local Business.

    Localinmotion Newbie

      Let us show you how to get additional free exposure on Google, perfect for small businesses. My company creates videos and websites for small buisnesses - see example here: - our video and website. With the video, we'll get you free exposure that users will find when looking for your services.

      We are new to this exciting forum, what a great place for small busienss owners, I can't wait to read more and post my own questions.

      Some interesting facts I just found: In a recent survey (The Kelsey Group), 60% of some 600 internet users surveyed, watched an online video ad, over 50% engaged in some sort of response activity - with 15% purchasing. This is the YouTube Generation, your customers will give you :60 seconds if you'll entertain them.

      I will give 25% off to the first 100 local businesses that want to try this out. I'll give you an additional 25% if you refer me to 3 other small business owners!

      Please send requests to