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    Need suggestions on a good business to start...

    Dream2Reality Newbie
      I am looking for some suggestions for an easy and profitable business to start without having to come out of pocket too much to get it going. I am currently a Marketing Coordinator for a medical device company. I have worked for the company for over 6 years and I enjoy what I do and appreciate having a decent salary, however, I really want to venture out and start something on my own.

      In addition to my full time job, I am also an Independent Sales Rep for AVON products. I sell a lot of the products to the women I work with but I really don't see a profit from it after buying the brochures, demo products, and products for personal use. I am also in school full time working on a degree in Business Administration. And...last but not least, I am a full time mom of 4 kids. Needless to say, I am a very hard worker, a go-getter, strong willed and am determined to succeed.

      I would appreciate any suggestions on a business I can start that would allow me to use my current experiance as well as challenge me and allow me to make my ambitious goals a reality.

      Thanks - Dream2Reality
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          EL_DollarShop Adventurer
          One question? Do you live in Albuquerque, New mexico area?
          I'm gonna need someone with your drive, and experience near the end of the year!

          • Though I will be honest about it, we do help people for a profit, and worry about health of others. But we care about community alliance.*

          If your in the Albuquerque area hey I want to hear from you! If not, reffer to these sites first.



          In my area right now? Contact me
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            Bridge Navigator
            Service oriented and/or internet businesses usually require less capital than other types of business so that may help narrow your search.

            Look for something that your either have direct experience in or could apply your experience in right away.


            Think about all of the companies and customers you encounter, what needs do they have that are unfulfilled and what would they pay if your could help them?

            Sound like AVON is just taking up valuable time that could be dedicated to comming up with a good business/plan. Commit to spending 2 hours a night researching new business opportunities.

            You might also think about buying an existing business - instant positive cash flow and established customers.

            Good Luck!

            Greg Dupuis
            Bridge Ventures, LLC
            Merger & Acquisition Advisors
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              HelpEconomy Wayfarer
              I went through all of those steps when I was young also. I sold World Books and Fuller Brush and some cook ware that lasted me a life time. I still have them. I would only sell what I believed in.

              Well I have finally found an answer to my whirl wind. Referral marketing saves one a lot of time.

              My e-mail address is My name is Irene

              It is so easy and you will see profit. In a year it will take over your present income and you will say WOW.
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                HelpEconomy Wayfarer
                You could check out my splash page to start with..

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                  fccgold12 Wayfarer

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                    djcmilton Newbie
                    THE HOME BASED BUSINESS BOOM
                    One segment of entrepreneurship, network marketing, sometimes called direct selling, is gaining attention from the world's foremost financial advisors.

                    The beauty of direct selling is that the hard work is already done. There isn't any real start-up time. There's no need to create a business plan. There's no need to create a product. The only requirement is a reputable company, one that is trustworthy, that offers a quality product or service that generates personal passion.

                    The traditional wisdom in the second half of the 20th century was this: Go to school, get a good education and go to work for a large company.

                    Today it's completely the other way around. The greatest opportunities today are to go into business for yourself as an entrepreneur. Of the entrepreneurial opportunities available, direct selling is one of the most important.

                    Home based business offer the most valuable commodity - time. No more long commutes to work, no more costly daycare, balancing work and family life is no longer an issue. It's an established fact that control their lives when they control their time.

                    Financial freedom is not about making millions(though that would be nice), it's about creating a source of residual income that will enable people to do what they want with their time without wondering how the bills will be paid
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                      gymrat Adventurer
                      Sounds like you've got some good skills. Should consider becoming a virtual assistant. It's a pretty hot market now. Best of luck.
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                        uptown73 Newbie
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                          aparatchiki Newbie
                          I posted this on another board somewhere here...but this might help...

                          I started with a small business teaching CPR-AED-First Aid. The training course to be an instructor costs less than $500 including your materials such as training manuals. Then you purchase promotional items, manikins, course consumables, etc. yes it's all under $1000 to start-up.

                          CPR & First aid courses currently cost around $40-65 per person. By teaching ONE CLASS of TEN (10) students you can expect a full return of your investment.

                          At first, You can just teach CPR and First Aid only and then build up a pot so you can purchase your own AED unit that costs between $150 to upwards of $1500 each. you can teach on 1-on-1 or classes with a maximum of 12 students per instructor.

                          There is no medical background pre-requisite to be an instructor. You don't need to be a medical practitioner.

                          CPR certification is a requirement in many industries, government agencies and private companies: law enforcement, security, in-home patient care, teachers, lifeguards, factories, etc.

                          It's a great small business opportunity that you start doing around your community without the need for a large capital.

                          Check it out at

                          or if you are around SoCal you can contact me directly. I currently offer Instructor training programs.
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                            wvb1967 Newbie

                            thing to look for when you start a business is supply and demand. I tryed the ebay thing and it just wasnt for me. When Im looking to buy something though i do search the internet and i pull up page after page of what im looking for everybody and their dogs are selling something out there.and alot of times i can even buy at wholesale prices... Im a A.S.E. certifed automechanic and had a shop of my own for 2 yrs my stress level shot through the roof. with all the compation in mechanics now im glad i got away from it im starting a new business in my town here and overall start up is really not much. when you offer a service to people your greatest acesset is time, very low overhead. find something the communnity needs and captlize on that.
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                              Security08 Newbie
                              I can picture you doing what I'm into right now. You have a good background in sales and marketing. You need a business that you can call your own with very little capital yet will give you the financial freedom and independence to grow with the help of people around you, most especially middle income Americans for whom the products that you will handle will be easy to move because it fulfills a need. If you are in SoCal, call me at 310-634-8226. My name's Dr. Joe Nava. I'll tell you more about it.
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                                Mybizfiler Adventurer


                                Starting a business require lot of market research and business planning. Having experience and starting the business in the same field should not be a difficult task. We at ICS would definitely help you preparing business plan but it cost you.


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                                  gethealthy Wayfarer

                                  A International Health & Wellness business. You can do it from the comfort of your home. You would be an independent distributor and a wellness consultant. The company I am affilieated with is HERBALIFE. They have been in business for 28 yrs. and currently do business in 65 countries. It's also on the NYSE. the company is doing very well if I should say even with the economy problem. This year they reached 3.4billion dollar margin. As a consultant you retail products and provide consultation to those who are interested in our products and services. We work along with a company that provides all the marketings tools you'll need and website. I love the business and the products, which I take myself. Did I mention all the products are 100% naturall.

                                  Marion Jones (wellness consultant)
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                                    vnavguys Tracker
                                    This page should help you do some research. It is two videos that talk about doing the research for this very thing.