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    What's a good place to start a blog for my business, free?

    EL_DollarShop Adventurer
      After spending much reading, and posting time on this web sites forum, it dawned on me that I sort of am missing a few things to help my business grow!

      The importance of networking with others, this I understand, and have started doing as such. But I also noticed through many information sources that a good sound blog is a great way to increase my networking capabilities.

      I know there are many free sites out there such as "" and alike, but I'm not looking to just share how my day went while I walked my dog at the park, or my first date, that is unless it made me new business contacts, or I learned something important to my business.
      So the question is simple, anyone have some good blog sites for free to those in business?
      I'd be anxious to read other business owner's blogs as well, you never know where insight can come from?
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          jen1234 Newbie
          Hi, there!

          I've been learning many things as well from reading various threads on different forums...It definitely can provide great insight....

          In response to your question, I found a great free blogging site when I signed up with the Plug-In Profit Site. They had so many helpful tools to get my business going, and one of the things they stressed was how important blogging could be to any business. The one they recommended was through Google... The website is ... I believe you need to have a gmail account open (which also happens to be free). If you don't already have an email account with Google, it is very quick and easy to set up a gmail account with them. Of course, that is completely free as well. Your blog site will have the same password as your gmail account. I hope this information helps! If you have any other questions or insights you might like to share with me, feel free to shoot me an email at I'd love to help in whatever way I can...


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            emeraldrose63 Adventurer
   is Yuwie and it's a free site for your blogs and other traffic..

            I have a blog on it, and I also have 4 blogs, advertising my Watkins Website on
            Those are free too..

            Good Luck to you..
            Have fun. I do..


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              ciordia9 Wayfarer
              A blog is like a child. It will need feeding, care, attention, and if it doesn't get those things it becomes neglected and other people will see that. Depending on your character and personality I try and get people to work on free solutions to get their feet wet with a personal blog. Can you maintain Facebook publications or a free account? By that can you post with a sense of regularity and be giving value back from your own life.

              The lessons you build from such an endeavor will lead you to understand further what it is you need to be talking about for your businesses blog. You then start layering article writing tactics and traffic generation strategies and really turn up the gas on your business focus.

              When writing for a business blog think about trying to go ahead and write the next months worth of content. Blogs become neglected when the owners feel pressure to perform. If you work off an editorial schedule you can stay ahead of the game and enjoy your publication as you should at your leisure, not under the gun.

              Good luck with your publications!

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                  designer Tracker
                  I think this is a great thread and there are a lot of pointers. I agree about the Blog, that is can be beneficial and nice, let several days go by or a month or two and people will see that. That is why I devote all my time into my Web site and my focus and energy is 100% there. If I have newsy items, I post them to by BUZZ...aka "Blog" and people can see chronological order. That is why I thought I shouldn't get involved in MySpace, Facebook, etc. My website, SBOC and Linked In is just the right formula to keep me busy and not get bored with variety.
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                  EL_DollarShop Adventurer
                  Just plain Awsome Everyone! Wow what this forum is about holds true now!

                  I logged in today to the SBOC today and as always looked for "FEATURED FORUMS" that just might be of interest to me.To my suprise I saw a posted question I submitted and also had great replies to!
                  It was this very post I asked a simple question, and got various resourceful reply's. Apparently the question, as well as the answers were deemed worthy for others to hear about, and be a featured forum!

                  JUST PLAIN AWSOME PEOPLE!
                  We share ideas, thoughts, and everything else in hopes we can become better in our lives, and business on SBOC, this is just a reminder we are heading in the right direction! Take a bow for those that have replied before this post! You deserve it!

                  Oh by the way, I started my blog today. I will take the information you have shared, store it in my brain, print it out, tell my Little Red(my wife), so I can tell the world!

                  My new blog site is

                  Remember I just strarted it today, so there will be many more entries, as well as more features to come!

                  Special thanx go to SBOC members:
                  jen1234 - lets communicate more, I thank you for the info.
                  ciordia9 - Good insight on maintaining a blog, well worth the thought!
                  emeraldrose63 - thanx for the site contribution

                  Take that bow folks you earned it!