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    Need a loan

    Gelato777 Newbie

      Here is the situation.

      My wife and I purchased an existing Gelato business that was only 10 months old, but had two great locations, and was doing poorly because the owners were going through a divorce.
      The product is amazing an authentic, and I'm not being bias, but it's the best Gelato around. We make all our Gelato from scratch, from pasteurizing our own milk, adding 4-5 lbs of fresh fruit per batch, and importing all our ingredients from Italy. We want to ensure that our product is the BEST, and it is, but unfortunetly that is only half the battle.
      We closed escrow in October 2007 with $3,000 of working capital. I truly believed that the product would sell itself the way it sold me, and thank God it's on that route, but it has been the hardest 6 months. With the economy the way it is, and us being in a 3 month Escrow, not allowing us to open til October, we have suffered through Winter and have used all of our credit to get us through. However, sales have gone up every month, and we are projecting $30,000 in sales this month, and it's not even Summer.

      There are no Banks that will touch a 6 month old business that has no credit, but we need capital. We need a loan.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          *Need a loan, Welcome to this web site. You are in Santa Ana,
          I am in New York. Different worlds.

          Sorry I can not help you, BUT any lender or investor will want to see a Business and
          Marketing Plan, including cash Flow and how you plan on paying back.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            MRFINANCE Adventurer

            Do you accept credit cards in your business??
            Richton Funding gives cash advances based on your credit card sales.
            Ex. If your cc sales are $10,000/mo we can advance you approx. $15,000.


            See my website





            Good Luck!
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              Mergent Adventurer

              LUCKIEST is right. Your going to need to get a business plan down on paper if anyone is EVER going to get a loan. I own Mergent Planning, and I would like to extend a helping hand to try and get you a loan.

              I actually think that you might have a shot because of the business has actually been operating, and you already have financial information to provide a bank.

              Give me a call directly at 702-538-1798 and lets see if we can work something out. Who knows, maybe I can trade a business plan for some gelato!

              Brian Mosko
              Mergent Planning
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                tinat99 Newbie

                Are you accepting credit cards? Total Payment Group can get you money in 10 days. There are no fixed payments, no points, no application fees. A percentage of your credit card sales repays the advance. I am also located in Orange County.

                Call Tina at Total Payment Group,LLC
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                  eeco88 Newbie
                  If you are still looking for some capital, I believe we could definitely be of some assistance. Do you have an email or phone number I could reach you at or you can email me at with any questions.
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    CALL MARK A. DIPRETE FOR DETAILS 401-942-3607
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                      antonio_lina Newbie

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                      Thanks Mr antonio