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    Do you have a signature look or style?

    designer Tracker
      Many companies have a logo or look. I wondered if any business owners also adapted their company trademark or have a signature style look for themself? When you think of Sally Jesse Raphael, you might think of "red" frame glasses, When you think of Harry Carey, you might think of the big black framed glasses. Not everyone plays on their glasses of course, but some people have a certain hairstyle that really distinguishes them from the rest of the pack, or they are known for a certain way of dressing, etc. Even when you think of Larry King, you know he is going to have a pair of suspenders on!

      For me, since my Web site and jewelry boxes are a turquoise blue, I started to own the color turquoise in everything I can grab my hands on. I try to wear a turquoise shirt all the time whether it is a polo or dress shirt, my bathroom is all done in turquoise from the shower curtain to the bath rug, I just love the color and own it. How about you? Is there something that makes you really unique for your business?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Do you have a signature look or style??
          YES for me it is the color purple and a 5 speed Black or White Saab Turbo.
          Have been driving them since 1979.

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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            Our products and programs use nautical themes, metaphors, imagery, and symbols. The trademarks are all stylized versions of nautical icons (compass rose, lighthouse, ship's wheel, etc.). That thematic and visual identity for business really evolved from me personally rather than the other way around (I was an avid sailor years before I was a business owner).
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              MetroGal Adventurer

              As a consumer I am more likely to purchase and repurchase from a business that has a distinctive logo/brand. Some companies that come to my mind from various industries have a strong brand presence include : Coca Cola, Campbell's soup, Tiffany & Co., Star Wars, etc.
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                Iwrite Pioneer
                I don't have a signature look, but I do have colors that are tied to the brand. I will be creating a shirt or two as giveawys that will have our logo on it.

                Now, style is a different matter! We are do have a style that is more of a personality. It is still in the works.
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                  EL_DollarShop Adventurer
                  For my $1.00 EL Dollar Shops (ok only have one right now but 2 more opening the end of the year), I created a logo of a Cactus wearing a hat, and bandana around it's neck. Now the EL in EL Dollar Shop might seem a bit Hispanic or Latino, but in all actualality we got the EL from the first 2 letters of my wifes name Ellisa. Hey we live in Duke City, what better way to promote biz? Everyones money is always green as well!
                  Dollar Tree Stores look out, there is a new guy on the block, and hey there's only room for one of us!
                  If I can figure out how to shrink the logo to fit for my avitar you'll see it soon!