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    The Designer Perfume Business

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      I was wondering if anyone knew how to get into the perfume business? I believe I have a very, very good nose and I know certain flowers and scents that I definitely love. Let's put it this way....85% of the things I smell out there give me an instant headache, but the 15% of the other quality perfumes are true heaven, like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, etc. I already have a logo/brand name, now I just need a company to back me. How do you even go about somethng like that? Do the designers go to the manufacturers with a checkbook and say to them "Let's do this"? people get approached and are asked to be a spokesperson for the perfume and they do all the financial backing and the designer just gets a cut?
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          Have you ever watched Seinfeld? There is an episode in which Kramer comes up with a perfume that smells like the beach and then gets it in front of Calvin Klein...and they say, it stinks, but then Kramer smells "The Beach" on a Klein model and finds out that Calvin Klein stole his idea. I doubt that truly happens in the perfume business because scents are so complex, but with any innovative concept - just be careful.

          Also, a few years ago it was very popular for consumers to be able to mix their own perfume (e.g. Body Shop and local department stores), etc. I bet there are more upscale establishments now available for people to seriously experiment and brand. These days all the celebs seem to have their own perfume. It must be highly profitable. Good luck!
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            You might check this thread for some info, if you haven't already:
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              The Designer Perfume Business

              Have you seen the movie "Perfume"??
              Anybody may want to try their hand at making ones own
              perfume from home. There are many reasons why a person would want to
              make their own fragrances besides the fact that it costs up to $100 per
              bottle for the good stuff.
              Perfume has gone beyond finding scents to make people
              smell good and feel good about themselves, to throwing any old essential
              oils and ingredients in a bottle and slapping a celebrity name on it to
              make it sell.
              If you can make your own fragrances, you stand to beat
              that commercial aspect of the fragrance industry and still smell great
              at the same time

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                  Thanks, all - - -I am going to check out the thread and also about this movie perfume. I would want to do something with someone very resepctable, fancy and have also a beautiful bottle to be sold in major department stores like Macy's, etc.


                  And, regarding Seinfeld...who doesn't love that show? It plays in our area around 11:00 p.m. every night and if I catch an episode, it just cracks me up!!!!