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    How to drive business to my website?

    berrycustom Newbie
      I started a home based business a little over a year ago. I do fairly well but I am striving to be a stay at home Mom and would like to do even better. Any ideas on how to drive business to my website without going broke?

      Can you also look at my website and give me some honest feedback on how I can improve it?
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          I am also looking around for ways to drive people over to one of my websites too and I found something that might interest you and more people reading this post and it is from Google and it's FREE.

          It's a service called Google Base, you can find it by going to look at the bottom of the page for the link: Business Solutions, it will list the solutions, look for and click on Google Base and then sign up.

          It will let you list your products on the google search, for example if someone goes to and click on shopping and do a search to find similar products you sell you will be on the results.
          I currently list around 6400+ products. You can add the products one by one or you can read their database specifications create one of your products and then upload thru their website.

          It does the same thing as the Yahoo Shopping, the only thing is that like I wrote, IT IS FREE, you should try it out.

          I hope this helps you get more customers.


          Jose Morales
          Amigos Latinos Company

 - Video Games, Software, Blu-Ray Movies, Anime DVDs and Accessories.
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              berrycustom Newbie
              Thank you so much for that advice! I have started posted things already.

              BTW- You have a great website!
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                jnees1023 Wayfarer
                This is great information. Thank you for sharing. There are a lot of great ways to promote your website without having to spend a ton on Search Engine Optimization. The downside is that it is very time consuming but worth it! One of the things that I've learned is frequenting forums such as this one and answering a lot of questions. Always sign posts with your name and url. Join networking sites like LinkedIn and do the same there. Another thing you can do is start a blog which is great because search engines love blogs. They are updated with new content constantly and when people start making comments on your blog and subscribing your searchability gets that much higher. You can also write articles for online publications. There are many other things you can do as well.

                I hope this information was helpful!

                Jackie Nees
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                I hope others will take advantage of this, too.

                It normally takes like 24 hours for the products to appear on the results.

                Thanks for the feedback on my website, that makes me happy since I did it my self.

                Good luck,

                Jose Morales
                Amigos Latinos Co.
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                  hagget Newbie
                  Hello, I would try having another product or business that is a houshold name advertised with or linked to your website to drive some traffic to your business such as my website for gas savings try Try other sites to see if you think it will send others to your link for business. Good Luck.