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    A favorite quote...#129

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      "If you don't like something change it. If you can't change it, change the way you think about it."

      Mary Engelbreit, Graphic Artist/Children's Book Illustrator

      I thought this was a great quote. For me, in my business...I can never predict when I will receive an order or new opportunity. So, I have to just go about my business and live my life, too.

      When I am all over on top of the computer and doing some heavy marketing just waiting for the next order or necklace feature to come in, things just don't seem to happen. It's like an upstream battle. But, when I turn away, get busy with other things, low and behold little surprises and miracles will come my way when I least expect it.

      The point to all this is that, I can't force my business. It is what it is. When I changed my way of thinking that as long as I do good work, provide a quality Web site, keep it fresh and interesting, then the orders will follow and come steadily in due time and those other extra little magazine and TV features will come along when the timing is right. I changed the way I think about my business. How about you?