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    Stimulus Checks....

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      Lot's of people are talking about the stimulus checks. Some have them electronically and paper method, others are waiting.

      Didn't we get stimulus checks in the past? What year was it? Was it $300.00 at the time? I don't seem to recall the last time. It seems this year is a bigger production or stretched out. Does anyone remember?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Stimulus Checks

          The exact date you receive a stimulus check will depend on when you
          filed your tax return
          and on the last two digits of your Social
          Security number.
          Taxpayers who opted for
          direct deposit, filed their 2007 return in time for the IRS to process
          it by
          April 15 and have a Social Security number ending with 00 through
          75 are the likeliest to have
          received their payments this week or last.
          On jointly filed returns, the mailing schedule will be
          based on the
          first Social Security number listed.