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    Build you own website

    amspcs Ranger
      I understand where you're coming from. A professionally built website probably looks spiffier, but the cost can be prohibitive. For this reason we opted for a 'homemade' website and relied on the quality of our content to make up the difference. It's taken several months to get it off the ground, lots of effort and learning curve involved, ` but so far so good, and the results are steadily increasing every month. Take a quick tour of our site (see below)---all done in house with absolutely zero HTML expertise.

      We tried (and failed) with many options before we found a Canadian outfit called SBI. Run by a gentleman by the name of Key Evoy--a real genius in the world of ecommerce. Very very very easy to build your site. If I can do it, anybody can...I knew zero about HTML, website building, inserting graphics, etc. They have a very good tutorial system, excellent support, and best of all they automatically update and submit your pages to the major search engines--Google, Yahoo, etc., so you don't have to do it manually, which can be very time consuming. They also do the hosting and the cost is quite reasonable, I think it was something like $300 per year.

      Here's the link to SBI:*

      A quick word about SEO--Search Engine Optomization. This is all about getting your website showing up and easily found on Google, Yahoo and the other search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optomizers) promising to magically get your site on page one of Google overnight for a fee are all over the place. Some are good, most are scams, and more commonly, many actually do more harm than good since once the SE's catch on to the fact that you're playing games with them, you're probably finished.. I would generally avoid them--that's been my course of action which is slowly but surely starting to pay off. The keys to getting your site to show on the SE's are (1) good content (2) correct use of keykwords and (3) time and patience--no matter what you do, your site won't be considered 'relevent' by the SE's until it has a few months history at the very least under it's belt. You shouldn't have to pay for any of these things, they are all free if you make the effort to build a good site and show a little patience.

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          designer Tracker

          Interesting thread. There's something to be said for doing a professional web site with a graphics designer, Webmaster, etc.

          There's something to be said for doing it all on your own, too. A real sense of freedom. You just go, go, go whenever you want to.

          I suppose in the future, things will get easier and Web sites of the future will really be out of this world!
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              amspcs Ranger
              No doubt about it.
              Believe me, I have nothing against professionals. The issue is in the cost factor.
              If it's not in the budget, doing it oneself beats the alternative of not doing it at all.
              This is often the case with smaller businesses, unfortunately.