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    A favorite quote...#128

    designer Tracker

      "Praise loudly; blame softly." Author Unknown

      Isn't it so nice when people just come out and give us a compliment? We don't have to hint around or fish for it.

      It is even nicer when someone has something negative to say to us, to perhaps coach us better and they do it without a lot of bells and whistles and fanfare & embarrassment.

      I will never forget the time I was in the office years ago. I use to call all female's..."girls". Finally, this lady banking officer who I supported said, "Ken, girls are girls betiween the age of about 1 and 12. Then, they become a "teenager". They grow to be young adults and ladies. Please don't call my clients "girls". And then...boom! The lightbulb came on for me. It was easy as that. Sometimes, we just need to be told. Thank you, LISA D. if you are still out there!
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Ah, designer, this is one of my favorite topics. I ran into someone just before Christmas who was still carrying around a business card-sized reminder on how to give praise and criticism that I passed out at a program I gave in 1992!

          1. Tell the person what he/she did that was good;
          2. Tell the person why it was good (helpful or beneficial);
          3. Ask the person how he/she did it (give the person a chance to talk about it and feel proud).

          1. Tell the person what he/she did that was a problem for you;
          2. Suggest what the person might do instead the next time;
          3. Explain why the approach that you're suggesting would be more effective.
          (If the person is a peer or acquaintance, he/she can take it or leave it. If the person is your employee, add two more steps.)
          4. Commit the person to take the action you've suggesting from now on;
          5. Observe the person taking that action in the future and offer praise.

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            MRFINANCE Adventurer
            Great advice!

            Sometimes a kind word is better than a RAISE.
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              Four small words conmbined to create a very powerful message!

              Thanks! This is an all time great one!