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    Linked In question...

    designer Tracker
      O.K., I've been on Linked In for a several months and managed to connect with about 315 different people.

      Does anyone know how I shoot (1) quick email to all my connections as a group?
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          travelconsult Newbie

          Once way I know of is to export your connections to your own address book such as your outlook or yahoo account.

          Go to your LinkedIn page ----->contacts------>display your contacts------>at the bottom of the page click on export contacts.

          There may be an easier way I don't know about. You may want to pose the question under the "using LinkedIn" questions forum.
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              designer Tracker
              I have AOL and I wasn't sure how to get all the addresses from point A (linked In) to point B (AOL address book). I can try to play around with it further.... I hope someone else that actually did it can help or if the email can all be just done on Linked In, maybe as in a question format?
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                  designer Tracker
                  P.S. You would think I would have all my Linked In addresses or people already in AOL, but Linked In is sort of a whole world in itself and many of my connections are not in AOL. I just would like to get everyone in 1 that if I did want to do a fast, blockbuster email to tell everyone for example that: "I will be on the Jimmy Kimmel Show tonight"...I can press a few buttons and get the word out. Thanks!
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                travelconsult Newbie
                When it comes to AOL, nothing links in directly to AOL. You should think about setting up another email using either Outlook, Yahoo or Msn. I never had any luck merging email addresses from AOL or to AOL.

                Good Luck!
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                  websolutions Tracker
                  Okay, I think you can do this but you must have a pro account. When I checked mine it game a 10 people limit but maybe a pro member can list more. Also for obvious Spam issues Linkedin might not allow you to send 1 email to more than 10 people at once because of the risk of being black listed.

                  Also, your ISP might not allow you to send emails to that many connections this includes your host because of the same reasons. I recommend using constant contact or have them join myspace - lol =)

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                    Bridge Navigator
                    Think about using a better e-mail client than AOL, especially if you are sending e-mail for business. AOL pust small ads at the bottom of e-mails it delivers - very annoying.

                    Outlook is probably your best bet and the data reside on your computer rather than a host.

                    Many programs allow you to send bulk e-mail from a list you upload. If you try it from Oulook (not ideal) put the names in the CC block otherwsie, all the names and address will appear in the TO block which will one, make you e-mail look like spam, and two share all the addresses with everyone (your contacts may not like this),

                    Many bulk email services offer free trials and some offer free accounts for small databases/mailing.

                    Try looking at:


                    you can google for other choices.