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    Purchasing small Miami Beach Cafe.Need help getting Loan!30K

    wide_eyedgrl Newbie

      Business: Yesterday, I Signed contract with current Cafe owners. I gave a them 30% down for their small Gelato ice cream Cafe and bistroshop. I must give them payment in full by May 30th. Purchase price of establishment 45,000$ I now owe them 31,500$. I am currently looking for a small business loan. I have never had to file for a business loan. HELP! Where do I start? Do i need a cosigner? My business plan is almost complete.

      About me: I am young recent college graduate. I have a my BA in Restaurant Management, and an Associates in Culinary Arts. My dream has always been to start up a restaurant. The past two years I have been bartending and managing a sports bar in Miami beach, with that said, My income has been tip based and I cannot prove income. Is that going to be an issue when trying to get a loan? I have grown a great network base in South Florida due to my hobby. I am the current Miss Florida Keys USA and previous Miss Miami Beach USA. I was honored in representing South Florida in the 2007 and 2008 Miss Florida USA pageant. I feel the connections I have made over the past two years, will help me run a succesful business.

      Where is my best bet in finding funding? HELP!!!!

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          MRFINANCE Adventurer
          Sorry to say it's going to be tough. Too bad the banks don't judge by BEAUTY or as a beauty queen you would be a cinch.

          Try to find a friend or private investor and pay them a decent interest rate say 12%.

          My company can help you once you get started. We can help you start processing credit cards and then getting cash advances based on your monthly sales.

          Call me! I can help.



          Richton Funding

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Purchasing small Miami Beach Cafe. Welcome and good luck.

            Are you looking for a partner?? You have a great network base in South Florida.

            Can any of your friends help out?? When it comes to Money, you find out who your friends really are.

            Finally what happens on May 30, If you do not have the funds??

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              amspcs Ranger
              Oh boy, I live right down the road from you, and I certainly like to eat!!! Be sure to advertise your gradn opening on this forum.

              As -a previous poster pointed out, advances of credit card receivables is one option. There are many different programs out there--as an astute businessperson you will want to shop around and compare. Let me know if interested and I'll give you several contacts ...

              I also know a husbankd-wife team out of the West Boca Chamber of Commerce who specializes in hard-to-place loans. I don't have any sort of interest here, just folks I have breakfast with once a week as part of our networking group who I have grown to know and respect as decent businesspeople. Again, if interersted, let me know and I'll provide contact info.

              Good luck.

              B Godofsky