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    Starting my own  business

    michael2 Wayfarer
      I have an excellent degree. I have expert skills. I have been told that I am a stunning trainer.

      I want to make money selling my knowledge and skills.

      How do I start out.

      I have afulltime faculty position right now
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          EL_DollarShop Adventurer
          There is only one way to make an Idea come true when starting a business.
          Have a business, and marketing stratadgy!
          No idea where to start? Try the SBA(Small Business Association), SCORE they are free!
          But in other words for any one wanting to start a business no mater what they plan to do, they have to put it on paper exactly what, and why they want to do it!

          • Many years ago I had a small gym/dojo where I taught martial arts, my worst failure was my partner in which I opened the business with. Physical fitness is on many more peoples minds these day than 20 years ago, but do you have the statisics of who might want to come to your place of business? Have you considered what it will take to be on your own? And why?*

          Here is a link to a sample Business Plan that will assist you in things you need to consider, and think about way before you venture on your own.

          • and*

          The above links can give you a good idea of where to start, but remember that your not with out help on figuring it out to where it is compliant to SBA requirements for loans, and such. But if you start your biz plan now even if it's written by hand on paper, they can help you better than if you walk in there blind.

          Good Luck to ya! Make people healthy!
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Starting my own business,

            Start small or part time while you have this full time position.

            It is the American dream to go into ones own business.

            Make a list of what you would like to do, develop a Business Plan

            and follow your dream. Visit SCORE online. SCORE is FREE

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              ciordia9 Wayfarer
              Wow, you are at the beginning of a fantastic and dramatic journey. Starting your own business is most definitely a double-edged sword so you must do as much pre-planning and thought as you can to mitigate risk. That's what the SBA, Score, SBTDC and any advisors are going to preach, and you would be wise to listen.

              Find out what your strengths are and play to them.
              Bring in partners that help your weaknesses and can handle responsibility.
              It has been shown that solo-entrepreneurs do not succeed as often as people who have good teams.
              Build a plan; I don't need to elaborate on this as any public advising facility will help you build this. Don't spend forever on it, but do it.
              Execute the plan.
              Adapt for how the world utterly shocks you. Stay flexible or you are not going to be able to manage the amount of shift you may be in for. A business lives and dies by it's response to the changing world market.
              Market & work..
              and on and on..

              Again you are at the beginning of a long road. Strategize what you love, understand that by doing what you love for a living can sometimes kill what you love. The stronger a plan you make going in, the stronger you'll be coming out aware. Be honest with yourself and communicative to others.