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    Can I develop my own web-site inexpensively?

    MRFINANCE Adventurer
      A professionally done website is always more impressive especially when competing with others in the same field. You want to look established, professional,and polished.

      That said, if you are starting out on a shoestring budget, Yahoo (I have no affiliation) has a very nice small business build yourself website.Pick an easy, appropiate and catchy domain name and for about $150 / year you can create your own website. You just have to type....It's just that simple. Download some interesting business related pictures, "click" and you are done!



      Richton Funding

      See my website. I did it myself. (It still needs some work)
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          websolutions Tracker
          I think yahoo has a nice site builder but the only thing I don't get is why aren't the pages SEO. Having is site that is not SEO is almost like having no site.

          Here is an alterative for people who have no buget: - create your very own web site for free.

          Hope this helps, thanks for the post.

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            insideout Newbie
            Microsoft has a great product that we use for our remodeling business called OfficeLive. You can get a domain name, create a website and up to 100 email accounts - free! There are also other tools and resources available.

            Please take a look at our website: and let me know what you think. I could also use some constructive criticism, as I have worked on this site going on one year now.

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              Danifer Wayfarer
              It's definitely possible to build a web site on your own without a big budget or a lot of programming knowledge, but it's not something I would recommend for a business. Professional web site installation can be pretty cheap (especially if you don't need the latest and greatest technology), and it's not as rough around the edges as home built projects can be.

              When my clients talk to me about doing their own web sites I tell them, "Your web site is one of the few public faces of your company, and sometimes it's the only impression you will get to make." Most of the time they recognize that there are better places to save money than cutting corners on business cards, marketing brochures, etc. and it's just a matter of applying that same argument to their web site.

              Hope that helps, but take my advice with a grain of salt - web design is my business :)
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                instantsite Newbie
                Unfortunately you may have asked the wrong question... Most people think that developing a basic website is some sort of really difficult thing, and that the task of getting a web presence for your company is really time consuming and technical... but that isn't the case for probably 30% - 50% of the small businesses out there just getting started!

                What most companies need is a really basic, clean, professional looking series of static webpages that explain to their customers who they are, what they do and how to get in contact with them. This can be setup in under an hour using freely available website templates, and getting a high quality low cost webhost.

                I started a website the other day to address this problem, but have not had a chance to get all of the content filled out... so maybe in exchange for the information on my site, you could shoot me an email letting me know what you would like to learn from each section and I will do my best to get simple, easy to follow, informative content up there for you!

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                  www2sshoescom Wayfarer

                  To start with a website for oneself is really complicating. Can you suggest a website to teach me step by step?

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                    denoscomm Newbie
                    Actually you can develop a very professional web-site for around $2000.00, you will have to pay for hosting and that's around $150.00 a year. The key to the web-site is to be found on search engines, not just to be built because you think it is neat and you want one. If you trying to capitalize on selling a product or services, you must be found somewhere on the first page of the major search engines, practically Google. The technical expertise of the web-site builder starts with optimizing for key words and phrases that will likely be searched. And as far as cost, $2000.00 is very inexpensive if your achieving first page results for your keywords or search phrases.My web-site is not the most glamorous but I can get found. My web-site is and my main key word phrase is "Self Storage California" Take a look at the Google results when you type in the key word phrase. Well anyway's good luck.
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                      Emile Yarder Adventurer

                      Hello! You want your own web site for e-commerce? the best thing to do is to get a professional advice from an experienced designer and developer. And spend the rest of your time to manage your business; deal with suppliers, do your payments, managing your customers services. Have a look to see what websites from templates are and choose a professional service. People want to see quality and modern design on the web. I found a young professional web designer near Brussels for my new web site for electronic products. She is working from long term for different kind of companies and she is doing a great job for me. A bit expansive and the service is great!
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                        Bridge Navigator
                        Try looking at

                        They have everything for beginners to experts with 24/7 customer services. They have professional templates to get you started and many free add-ons not available through companies like Yahoo. Hosting starts as low as $6.99/moth with 100 emails addresses, etc.