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    Need help - looking for ecommerce website solutions

    alarsen Newbie
      I'm planning on starting my own online store and am just starting to realize how many different solutions that are available. I would really appreciate recommendations from other successful ecommerce entrepreneurs. I'm not very programming savvy, I know just enough HTML to do quick content updates if I need to. So what I've been looking for are ecommerce solutions that have a site builder with a lot of professional looking templates that can be modified to my liking if I decide to enhance it down the line and that includes a shopping cart.

      Some of the features I'm looking for in this solution are capability for a minimum of 100 products with option to upgrade, compatible with major merchant gateway systems (maybe already partnered), compatible with credit cards and PayPal, easy connections with ebay and amazon would be a plus, shipping calculators (preferrably with the ability to calculate shipping rates with different "from" addresses since I will be signing up with several different dropshippers), options for blogs, rss, email marketing and auto responders, business form builders (for emails, surveys, etc.), coupons, gift certificates, product cross sell, SSL certificate, multiple categories and subcategories, and if possible inventory tracking and management.

      These are some of the must have features I'm looking for and I've found a couple of companies that seem good (,, but I'd love to hear from anyone whose heard about these companies or used themselves. And if you have other better recommendations, I'm open to that as well.

      Thanks for your help!
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          amspcs Ranger
          I too was not particularly website savvy, zero knowledge of HTML, programming, site building etc.
          So I used a Canadian company SBI. I was able to pretty effectively build a workable site by myself and I find they do a very good job of educating, getting listed on the search engines, and all the other behind-the-scenes things web builders are supposed to do. Priced reasonably, $300 a year or something like that. If interested in them, so indicate in a return post and I'll look up and get you some info links on them.

          Gateway and merchant compatability aren't a problem as long as you use a legitimate web hoster and not some back room hacker. As long as the site is secure, you can easily hook up with compatible shopping cart provider like GoDaddy, , gateway solution like, and merchant account providers representing major processing networks.. Do NOT make the major mistake of signing off with any outfit that 'bundles' the above stated three components together. Anything propriety as these are, meaning you are stuck with the entire package and cannot switch and choose any of them, is an invitation to be price gouged.

          Good luck.

          Barry G

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              alarsen Newbie
              Thanks, that's helpful information. I would like to get some information about them if you have it.

              I was mainly looking to get the sitebuilding and shoppingcart bundled together but I wanted to get the merchant gateway account and hosting solution separately since I have some companies in mind that have been recommended.
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                  amspcs Ranger
                  No problem, It's been so long, I have to locate the info links for SBI which I'll get to you as soon as I find them--got a file here somewhere.

                  SBI is a web hoster so if you use them that part is taken care of.. Who are you thinking of using for a gateway solution?---if it's anybody but, I would think again before you get yourself into compatability nightmares between your hoster and shopping cart. Again, if you get a website with a proprietary shopping cart, you're asking for compatability issues--sorry to be so cautious but I've been in the business for years (just made 60) and I've seen it happen a million times. Go with a reputable site host, as gateway, and something like GoDaddy for a shopping cart and you'll be much happier. We happen to be agents for and if interested in them I'll be happy to provide preferred pricing which will be obvious when you compare my numbers with the directd site numbers from I have no affiliation or connection with GoDaddy whatsoever, I just recommend them because I know they work well.

                  While we're on the subject, here's some more food for thought. We're in the merchant services business, so naturally we'd just love to set you up with your merchant account. But do you REALLY need to go all the way with the expense of a traditional merchant account, gateway and shopping cart provider right off the bat? My experience is that this is a mistake unless somehow magically your website is producing big numbers from day one, which isn't likely. So I've seen far to many merchants go this route only to see their money run out before their site has a chance to get off the ground. So even though it costs me a merchant services signup, I have to tell you that I'd suggest you start off slow and EZ with a simple Paypal merchant payment account that comes with a rudimentary but very servicable gateway and shopping cart built right in. Sure it's not the most prestigious look, but it works just fine for the 2-3-4 sales or whatever per month you'll do per month at the start for a fraction of the cost. And since it's a month-to-month deal with no early termination penalties, when your volume grows to the level that you can justify the expense of full-fledged merchant services, gateway etc., you can easily upgrade at that point. Just being honest with you...I'd rather sign up up as a successful merchant a year from now rather than be a party to a crash-and-burn right now. DO really consider this thought. You can signup for a Palpal merchant account at Click Sign Up today, go to the far right "for business owners" and sign up for Pro, not Standard. This will accomodate you just fine---when you're ready we'll upgrade you to something more sophisticated.

                  Stand by and I'll get you the SBI link. I'm sure you'll be very happy with them.

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                      alarsen Newbie
                      I was actually planning on going with for the gateway, it's definitely the one I've heard the most good feedback about. Would love some preferred pricing:) As far as the host, I was going to go with HostGator, they come highly recommended from a friend that pretty much made hosting a business for himself, and they're very reasonable.

                      My thought as far as going all the way when I first start the business is that I don't want to go through several phases of upgrades and redesigns later. I believe that the design as well as functionality and usability of your site is a large contributor to your success so I'd rather do it right from the start. Also, I have worked in online marketing for the last 6+ years so I'm hoping I can use my skill and experience to bring the sales up pretty quickly to start earning money. Unfortunately, I'm a marketer, not a tech person, which is why I need a solution that's easy to implement:)
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                          amspcs Ranger
                          Here is the link to SBI I promised:
                          Note they provide EZ facilities to build your own web site even if you know little or nothing about the process (I am living proof of that) plus they do the hosting as well. They also provide excellent service and support as well, as well as on-going search engine upgrades and maintenance. I am very happy with them. Take a tour of my website...I did that all by myself and I know ZERO about web design, HTML, etc.

                          If you'll provide me with your email address, I'll be happy to provide preferred pricing details. I hesitate to do so publically. My address is

                          I'd like to make a few comments on nMoncrief's post. I am not familiar with free Magnento shopping cart provider, so I can't make a judgement one way or the other. In reviewing their site, I note they claim compatability with both Paypal and, so that's good. So I would ASSUME they're probably OK. I just like GoDaddy because I KNOW they work. Makes no difference to me as long as it works..

                          Not sure I totally agree with the negative assessment of Paypal. Yes, they may not be the most glamorous name in payment processing, and to be sure they should be considered as only a starter temporary solution. But frankly I have not been witness to all the degree of nighmare scenarios the nMoncrief outlines--in fact I have used them many times myself to collect for invoices with no problems at all. And upgrading from Paypal to a more sophisticated system is not nearly as complex as you seem to think--in fact it is quite simple and elementary. Understand that Paypal is basically a competitor and strong detrement to anyone who sells traditional merchant services as a living, so I suspect this reality might play a strong roll in the negative commentary of Paypal. As I have stated, Paypal is not a permanent primary payment solution, but it IS a very viable and beneficial temporary starter payment processing solution. That's it's role, and in all honesty it must be admitted they fulfill that limited role very well. Paying standard merchant account fees AND gateway access fees AND shopping cart fees when a merchant is doing minimal initial business volume is just suicide.

                          I also must respecfully but strongly disagree with nMoncries' views on approaching a new business with an optomistic viewpoint and going first-class from day one. Making an intellligent expense-control decision such as going with Paypal initially until volume justifies otherwise is not about being negative and planning for failure. To the contrary, it is all about managing your business off the ground in a responsible manner and avoiding failure by putting the odds of success in your favor. . A sure-fire way of guaranteeing failure is biting off more than you can chew and running out of opoerating money prematurely. As I said before, I'd love to sell you a merchant account today, that's what I do and how I make my living. But I think you'd be foolish to do so unless you are positive orders will come in droves from day one. I know all new businesses think this will be the case...I've heard it a million times. Guess what? It doesn't work that way.

                          Finally, lets clear up a little confusion. nMoncrief refers to as 'expensive' and a 'payment processor'. I don't think the mis-info was intentional, but I can see how it might be confusing to some.
                          First of all, they are not unduly expensive. They are not free to be sure, but they ARE the gold-standard in gateway providers. You get what you pay for, and on that basis I can't imagine why any ecommerce vender would even consider anything except Secondly: They are not a payment provider or processor, they are a gateway solution. Very different things. So lets make sure you are clear on the following: As a ecommerce business you will need three separate and distinct entitites all tied together: (1) a payment provider, which is your merchant services account provider, (2) a gateway such as and (3) a shopping cart solution (unless you sell only one product, not different products, different colors, different sizes, etc.) . If you only have 1 of the 3, or even 2 of the 3, you won't process a dime over the internet. does absoutely nothing without a tie-in to a merchant services provider.

                          Hope this helps. Please provide your email address to and we'll discuss options. Thanks.

                          B. Godofsky
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                              nMoncrief Adventurer
                              I think you missed a word in my post where I suggested that merchants not go "directly" to What I meant is that although it is possible to call, set up a gateway, and then get a merchant account from the payment processor that "suggests", it costs more to do it that way in my experience. I've been approached by merchants who had taken that approach, and they were paying high discount rates AND high fees. I always suggest that merchants get their merchant account from a payment processor first, then let that processor set up the account. And yes, shopping carts, payment gateways, and merchant accounts are obviously different and serve very different functions. I agree that is an outstanding gateway. Otherwise, I wouldn't have all of my e-commerce merchants using them.
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                                  amspcs Ranger
                                  Sorry for the misunderstanding about what you meant to say in referring to as a 'payment processor'.. Your quote was "I DO NOT recommend going directly to for payment processing" So I took the sentence at face value. Easy to see how that could be very confusing to a merchant who doesn't understand the difference between a payment processor and a gateway. Thanks for the clarification.

                                  You are absoutely correct in stating that merchants who take the approach of setting up a gateway first then using the merchant provider that the gateway 'suggests' (or vice-versa--either way we're probably talking about proprietary solutions which are always a mistake) usually results in the merchant over-paying on both ends. A better way, again as you correctly suggest, is to set up the merchant account first, , then let the merchant account provider set up the gateway account _on not, repeat not, some off-the-wall proprietary gateway, which I wholeheartedly agree with. Anything 'proprietary' almost alway means 'trapped whether you like it or not' which invariably leads to price gouging..
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                        nMoncrief Adventurer
                        I actually ran my own ecommece business for 7 years before I got into credit card processing. PayPal is faster to set up and requires less upfront costs, but in my opinion, that's where the advantages stop. Based on my personal experience, PayPal causes as many problems as it solves: 1) PP pays themselves before they pay you, meaning the discounts are taken directly out of each sales. You'll pull your hair out trying to balance your bank statements. 2) PP is expensive. 3) PP gives you no flexibility to change an order after you receive it. If your customers wants to add something, they'll have to go back into PP and create a new payment. 4) PP makes a site look ameteur. When your customer finally decides to buy from you, do you really want to ask them to leave your site and give their CC info to someone else instead?

                        All you need is a SSL certificate, a secure gateway (like, and a shopping cart. Most any cart will do what you're needing it to do. A free cart that's getting tons of buzz is Magento ( Take a look at it. It's open source, so it can be made to do anything. It also comes with order management capabilities. Sure it's going to take a techie person to configure, but since you'll pay nothing for it, you can afford to hire a tech for a day or two. If you don't like that one, I personally used ShopSite for 7 years and can recommend it as well. I published an article that outlines what's involved in accepting payments via your website. Here's the address if you'd like to see it:


                        Maybe I'm overly optimistic, but I've always planned for success instead of failure. I consider the slow days early in a business' life to be the perfect time to get your processes in place so you don't have to upgrade so much later. There are many credit card processors in this forum, including amspcs and myself. Any one of us can help you get the merchant account and gateway you need. I DO NOT recommend going directly to for payment processing. You'll pay far more and get inferior service compared to working with one of us. Hope this helps. Good luck!

                        Neil Moncrief
                        Creek Financial Services
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                          web_tech Newbie
                          Hi, I would like to recommend you to go for an India’s best web design company called Web Designer India. It offers Affordable Flash Website design, professional ecommerce web designing services & specialist website 2d – 3d Logo Banner design including Graphics design, logo, business cards and flyer Design Company. Hope this will help you.

                          Good Luck!

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                              web_tech Newbie
                              Sorry here is the link <a hrefl=""Web
                              Designer India</a>.
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                                  ecomconsult Adventurer
                                  We can build your ecommerce website using Yahoo! Store, here is our website:


                                  We can also provide you step by step training and consulancy to build, manage and promote your online store. Please feel free to ask if you have questions - 1-303-800-5657
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                                      snipperred Scout
                                      Hi there all,

                                      A rather interesting thread- I'm interested to learn what you end up going with and how it works out for you. I'm still in R&D and expect this phase of preparation to come up for me further down the road. I've had great success with GoDaddy in the past. As far as Merchant Services, I used NOVA from Costco and despite fielding near constant offers, no one could compete with our rates.

                                      I'm building my simple website off Microsoft Office Live- which is free. They have all the e-commerce tools. I've glanced at them and I think they are worth my first consideration when I get to that stage. In terms of the broader logistics aspects, they also have Microsoft Dynamics CRM modules you can pick and choose from- apparently- with free trials and pricing appropriate per size of business i.e. 1-50 employees etc. The MOL is very user friendly and I've managed to play around with some of the advanced formatting options to come up with something I like. I believe they also have options to use as a straight FTP upload from your computer/ server- thus actually "hosting" free of charge. The basic layouts aren't too bad in themselves. However, I kind of like the idea of making what I am doing appear paid for!

                                      Maybe you should look into that. Now for my own benefit, please do not hesitate to "correct me" if I am off point somehow and not talking about the issues and solutions you just discussed. I'm operating off the impression I've got these things pretty well covered, but am open to finding out anything I may be misunderstanding or missing. PPPPPPP!

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                                          amspcs Ranger
                                          Hello Snipperred. Interesting post, thanks for sharing your experiences.

                                          Good call with GoDaddy. We have several merchants using their shopping cart services with no issues.
                                          There are lots of good shopping carts out there, some good some not so good. You happened to pick a pretty good one in our experience and opinion. Nice call.

                                          Re Microsoft Office LIve--we're not really familiar with this particular product so can't comment on it. It must be said however that it's hard to argue with the reputation of a company with Microsoft and selecting a proven name brand product instead of Brand X almost always is a good choice.

                                          Now we get to the Costco merchant processing selection you mentioned. This is our area of expertise and we do have some educated comments and opinions on this.

                                          First of all, the credit card processing service Costco utilizes is no longer NOVA. It's now Elavon. No big deal here, just a clarification.

                                          Of utmost importance in your post was your comment "no one could compete with our rates:. This is far far and away, nothing else even close, the #1 most damaging and expensive mistake merchants shopping for credit card processing commit on a daily basis. If you are comparing processors by comparing rate quotes, you not only missed the didn't even make it to the dock! The idea of securing a credit card processor is NOT repeat NOT NOT NOT to get the 'lowest rates'. The idea IS to get the schedule most cost effective to YOUR unique business based on YOUR unique customer and marketing mix and how YOU do business. Do not confuse the 'low rate' and 'cost effective' issues; they are not only very different things but in fact are very often exact polar opposites. This means the lowest rate quotes are nothing more than marketing hooks that actually result in the least cost effective solution to the merchant. If anybody is interested in educating themselves on this subject, please contact me and I'll refer you to some sources.

                                          Now back to Elavon/NOVA. No particular complaints about them, they are certainly a well know nationally recognized legitimate processing house. What they are NOT is affiliated in any way, shape or form with Costco except via a referral contract in which Costco gets a piece of the action. This means when you utillize Elavan via Costco instead of just going directly to Elavon or any other legit processor for that matter, you are actually INcreasing your cost of accepting credit cards by virtue of adding an additional unnecessary the pricing equation. Afte all, somebody has to pay Costco. If you look at the Costco website and search out merchant services, you'll see 1.99% plus .27 for internet and mail/phone order processing, plus usually monthly fees, minimums etc. Not a ripoff by any means, but no great bargain either...anybody could easily do as well or better by shopping around with local providers. So if anybody things they are getting 'such a deal' by going via Costo, BJ's or whater, not so. I should also point out that there is one major drawback to the 'discount provider' options like Costco, BJ's and others, namely the total lack of support or dependable customer service.


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                                    HostAfric Wayfarer
                                    If you still need the services or are looking for an upgrade now or in the future, please do keep us in mind.

                                    We are able to working within all reasonable budgets and provide truly professional results.


                                    We do web designing, domain registration and hosting.


                                    check out,, for some e-commerce site we have handled.
                                    all our sites are dynamic and database driven. they also support a content management system (CMS) to make it easy for you to edit your own site directly from within it even without html knowledge, much like using Microsoft Word.

                                    You can email me at with any questions or a profile of your project.
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                                      zookfind Wayfarer
                                      Please take a look at our sites - we can build on to your spec's of you can buy one of ours
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                                        ecomconsult Adventurer
                                        Give a try to Yahoo! Store

                                        It has all the features you are looking for and it costs just $40 a month. So your investment and risk is nothing and you will have great chances of selling successfully. I am not a reseller of Yahoo! Store but I have experienced this myself over last 7 years of my services as ecommerce consultant. Majority of those clients for whom I have done Yahoo! Store are successful.

                                        You may see a portfolio of my clients here:
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                                          seeitsold Wayfarer
                                 is offering state of the art web sites to anyone looking for a complete hosting and design solution. Gone are the days where you need to hire a web developer to design and code the outcome of your web site. Siteitis puts the power and control in your hands. Imagine having your very own web site with all of the features you could ever need. E- Commerce, unlimited pages, unlimited e-mail accounts, customer management systems, and much much more. all for only $9.95 a month with no catches & no gimmicks. They're so confident that they also including a free 7 day test drive no credit card needed. see for yourself today how easy the internet can be.
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                                            MRRABBIT Wayfarer

                                            I am planning on starting my own online store as well. I saw your post and wanted to ask you what suggestions you can share as to companies, solutions, products, etc. that can be used to star setting up an online store.


                                            Thanks for your help
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                                              INTELLI Wayfarer
                                              We can help you achieve the goal. If you need any help with the website or a customized software's. Let us know. Also, we have a great software that can help you run the business efficiently. Here is the company profile:


                                              We specialize in web design and development, enhanced web services, automation, customized software's, back end database development (SQL 2005, Oracle) using the latest technology either by using Microsoft, Java Or PHP, our technical people are optimized and trained with it and available locally or outsourced based on your requirements. For additional details please visit us at


                                              We are currently working with a few clients to do their websites, integration with our proprietary software and other services. We are also linked with our sister company in India that supports some of our clients to achieve their objectives including providing a full time web developers, database administrators and network management.


                                              Our prime goal is customer satisfaction and we go to extreme lengths to get this accomplished. Also, we use our proprietary software "Notebook" to give the clients a real time view of the projects in progress and their deadlines. Together with the technological know-how combined with the proprietary software and some brilliant minds at work gives us an edge over our competitors in terms of fixed budget projects.


                                              For further information, please contact Jessica at
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                                                intechspecial Ranger
                                                Let me have this opportunity to serve you in what you do, so that I may continue to offer volunteer services to those in need.


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                                                  leolazarus Wayfarer

                                                  We offer an ecommerce site with full control over your own content. Low cost and fast turnaround make us the only choice when it comes to your web presence. There are plenty of free template driven sites but of course they all end up looking like free template driven sites(unless you buy some premium template...) With that said we would like to help, if you would like to forward us some info regarding your business( your vision for the site, things like color schemes, functionality, and a time frame to completion) we would be glad to design a sample of what your site will look like(and that is free). Feel free to contact us . Look forward to working with you. Thanks
                                                  Leo Lazarus
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                                                    intechspecial Ranger
                                                    alarsen -

                                                    How is it going with your search for ecommerce solutions?

                                                    Please update us if possible.


                                                    Thank you.
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                                                      Dydacomp1 Wayfarer

                                                      I am an account representative with Dydacomp Development Corp the developers of Mail Order Manager (M.O.M.) & SiteLINK. We can help not only with your web store but with a complete back end database and order processing software as well.


                                                      M.O.M. will handle everything from inventory to shipping. You system can be set up to automatically download your orders from your SiteLINK store and update any information to that store like, inventory, special pricing, order promotions, gift certificates. Your customers will be able to log on to your store and see their complete order history, order status, package tracking info, address book, gift registry, wish lists and much more.


                                                      We have a full team of graphic and web designers her on board. If you are interested in learning more, my contact information is below as well as a link to our web site. Please be sure to contact me dirrect and mention this post.


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                                                          Dydacomp1 Wayfarer

                                                          Dydacomp, M.O.M. and SiteLINK Testimonial


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                                                          David George Sr.- International Greenhouse Co.

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                                                          Ronald S. Hunter - Uniformed Services Almanac


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                                                          Frank Tabino - Nutritional Solutions
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                                                          pageBuzz Newbie
                                                          You can try out our system which offer 2500 products and full e-commerce for $10 a month. We are one of the most popular site builder and at the price the only one with e-commerce included.

                                                          To even better the offer I am looking for website testers to try a new system I have. While the end you use is exatly the same tools the networking functions are unique.

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                                                            JohnMcDoogle Newbie
                                                            Hello A.Larsen,
                                                            Im only 19 and im just about a hundred dollars short of tuition at this point. I started on and finished within an hr / this is teh default shopping cart i would install for you, its all automated and very easy to adept to it... so for a little bit of money i could do something very similar, who knows, im just a kid - there are a lot of professionals out there, ill even put it up before you pay me :]

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                                                              cbotechnology Newbie

                                                              CBO has serviced international customers such as Nike Bauer, Osram Sylvania and Bogner of America.

                                                              We have designed many E-commerce websites for many of our International as well domestic clients.


                                                              Check our work:


                                                              We have also been effective in deliverying marketing collateral for clients with tight budgets and requiring quick turn around time.

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                                                                leolazarus Wayfarer
                                                                I can get you up and running in less than one week for under 500 dollars includes graphics, product image optimization and search engine optimization. A great example of a project I am currently working on would be I would be happy to have the owner send you a reference) This site went from one page that stated sorry the store is closed to what you see in less than one working day. Feel free to contact me at for more info or leave a contact number so we can speak further. Thanks Leo