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    Website Feedback for My Site

    rcameron Newbie
      Hello all:

      Let me say that I do web design as an on the side business for a rural county and do not pursue a lot of volume due to time commitments. I specifically market to those that want a more simple design that loads fast and does not cost much. I can do pretty much any type of design and my site I chose to design on very simple terms..... Note, the logo was designed by my 11 twin daughter and I left it as part of the site because she got a thrill seeing it "online". It this the logo in the upper left corner.

      So with all this being said....basically I'm not a big box web design company just a small simple one here is the url:

      I am looking forward to feedback in context to the above and am very willing to make changes based of the feedback.



      PS: does everyone think the pricing scheme is ok?
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          advantagewebs Newbie
          Hi Robby!

          I really like your website, and especially found the content to be clear, detailed and friendly. You seem to have a very personable and approachable attitude that comes through in the website.

          I am also a web designer, and focus on the smaller and simpler stuff myself as well. I've been surprised to find how few professionals care to take on the smaller projects, at least in my community. It seems most designers want the big projects that make the big money. So it's nice to know there is a niche for our kind of service!

          I do have some suggestions for your website, just some little things that I noticed as I was going over it. Take it or leave it as you wish, and as it makes sense for you.

          • I would change or remove the big banner at the top, as I think it makes the site feel a bit cluttered and detracts from the simple elegance of the rest of the design.

          • Put your menu along the top of the page, just above the main content, so it's right there when the site loads.

          • I viewed the site on a small screen, 800 wide, and had to scroll over to view the content. I would recommend setting a fixed width and making it narrow enough to be easily viewed on smaller screens, as many small business owners are still viewing the web on small screens.

          • Use thumbnail images in your portfolio of each of the sites to give a visual "teaser".

          • I think your pricing could be set a bit higher, but I guess it depends on what you feel your time and services are worth. Just don't sell yourself too cheap!

          I hope this is helpful, and again, use what makes sense to you and disregard the rest. ;)

          Jess Webb
          Advantage Website Solutions
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            ciordia9 Wayfarer
            Well you're off to a good start but we really need to work on how it all gets pulled together. Every element is important in webdesign and how it is presented will attract or repulse a buyer.

            • Graphics that have been given transparencies should be done so on the background it will be on so you don't get the little white chads around it.
            • The banner reminds me of something out of the 90's as a pixilated GIF. The text at the top does not buoy it. Think about some fresh stock graphics and recutting ones that reflect the demographic you are trying to entice.
            • I would really recommend learning how to code an html page with CSS rather than Microsoft exports. You're probably still using tables instead of the wealth of flexible things you can do with CSS.

            Continue to challenge yourself to learn beyond what you currently know and strive to make more compelling and well designed efforts through peer review and hunting down good sites to learn from. One great way to learn is to try and understand what made some of the sites you enjoy good sites by reverse engineering them.

            A couple sites worth checking out: