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    Website Feedback--SEO and Advertising Advice

    SecondCoats Newbie
      I've been very impressed by the insight so many community members have and I'm hoping I can utilize more of that expertise for myself. I have two issues/topics:

      1--I would appreciate any feedback and viewpoints into how to better use or design my site. Be as brutal and honest as you want to be--I'm obviously asking for insight and I expect it will not all be sweet. My URL is

      2--I have spent a small fortune on the web design (there is also a monogramming/product preview module that will be added in the next couple of weeks), but I have no clue how to do SEO or internet marketing. I have read and read and read to the point I should be an expert, but at this point I'm just overwhelmed instead of educated on the matter. I have seen a ton of recommendations for various SEO companies, but it's usually from the companies themselves and that makes me a bit leery. I seriously have no clue what I'm doing and though on the admin side of the site there are places for meta tags, etc., I don't know how to best optimize that. My web designer is about as cocky as they come and he is definitely not the first place I turn for information. However, I imagine the admin side of the site is much like any other site and the meta tags are probably set up the exact same.

      I have Google ads, but it's netted absolutely no return to date, and I am sure I'm ranked at about 1,000,000th in a Google search at this point. I have print marketing down just fine and I'm about to kick off a major campaign there (ironically, by my day job is as a Marketing Specialist--but I don't deal with e-marketing). I just need help on the internet side of things.

      Thanks in advance!
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          NatOnline Tracker

          Hello SecondCoats and welcome,

          The best way to start is reading this
          -effective-seo-v7n-way.html and sign up on a webmasters forum of your choice, many people will help you technically to do your own SEO if you decide to do that yourself.

          If I may review your site, you need to customized your system cart if you can with urls SEO friendly because it helps to put keywords on your urls page.

          You need to create some other pages for example: about us, faqs, customer testimonials, etc... The best way to learn is going on a search engine and see how the number one site builded his site. Before to rank well on search engines you need to read and learn that's the main key.

          For example you can check the guidelines from Google at

          I hope to help
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            Spamfork Wayfarer

            Maybe I can help point you in the right direction.... First off - I see you have some cart software called cre loaded. I'm not at all familiar with it...

            You need to do som searching for CRE Loaded seo mods, or CRE Loaded search engine friendly URLs etc Expect to pay about $15 to $50 or so.. This will at least re-write your long stringy URLs to nice clean ones that contain the product keywords.


            Google search
            Oh my - read Googles guidelines to creating good title & description tags. Also keywords will do better if you use no more than 12 keyword phrases, no more than four words per phrase, & don't use single words unless it's very unique... red is not a good keyword, but ,red bug pillow, cotton bug pillows, etc are good.

            Another quick fix would be to make sure your links to your home page within your site all go to (right now some of your internal links go there, some go to .com/ and some go to .com/index.php This can cause some pagerank issues. Another big SEO issue is I think you have a ton of blank review pages. So Google comes along and crawls your site and sees a tons of duplicate / blank pages. Not good.... They don't like to put blank pages in their index and they form an opinion about your site.