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    Seeking Financing Online Business Start-up

    Legacy101 Newbie
      I am currently seeking financing for an online business that will connect college students with part time jobs that fit their busy schedules. They will also receive credits for working these jobs that they can use to purchase their books or pay tuition. I am currrently conducting a market survey to see how feasible the idea is and I have received favorable results thus far. I will need 5 employees to start and will need approximately 300k to create/design the website, purchase supplies, rent, deposits, and salaries etc... We will get paid for our services via credit card payment so we will need a credit card merchant. We have hired a company to do our business, marketing, and advertising plans and should have those shortly. Our estimated start up date is Jan 2009, but we intend to start beta testing in August 2008. My credit score is over 700 and I am currently the President of my own financial consulting firm here in Charlotte, NC. I currently employee 3 consultants. Does anyone know where the best place is to aquire financing and information for this type of business?