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    Post-Mother's Day

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      Hi, Everyone! I hope all the Mother's out here did had a wonderful day, but just in case...I do have new necklace pieces on my Catalog, as FYI.

      In Chicago, our Mother's Day - Sunday was HORRID. It was 40-something degrees, rainy and very windy with 40+ mile winds. Roof shingles came off, gutters are ready to fall. Not a great day. We had to cancel flower shopping with mom and did not grill out.

      Just in case, you still want to treat mom, check out my new creations just listed:

      Thank you so much my SBOC pals!
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          P.S. My home is fine, it is my neighbors houses that the wind blew just the right direction in thier row to cause damage to our development and, also letting you know about the "new" pieces as some SBOC folks asked to give a shout out. Thanks!!!