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    Marketing/Advertising Help

    c_niesha Newbie
      I am a homebase travel agent, I am having a hard time marketing/advertising. There are so many options out there, I have contacted all of my friends and family. I've worked the warm list, cold list.....every list I can think of. I have sent out/posted flyers. I have joined a few networking sites my favorite being But what I am interested in doing is creating my own website and generating leads. Please share a few good ideas if you have them.

      Thanks in advance,
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Marketing/Advertising Help, Welcome.

          Suggestions: SCORE. SCORE is FREE and can help you succeed

          SCORE also has 26 FREE online courses including marketing and Advertising.

          you can also talk to a SCORE Counselor both in person or online.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            ibranz Wayfarer
            Hi C Niesha,

            You may be able to address your issue by following these three steps:
            1) Create a simple web site that includes an main page (who you are/what you do), contact page, and news page
            2) Next, add a blog and forum to your site (this creates a venue for discussion and feedback)
            3) Write and submit one news release per month (use Market Wire or Business Wire)

            Between "blogging" about vacaitons and travel related stories and posting news releases, Google and other search spiders will index your site and make raise your ranking. This will take time, but is much more cost effective than running ads in local papers. In short, people go to the web first to find solutions to their problems.

            Also, here are a few books you may want to read on this subject:
            1) PR 2.0
            2) The New Rules of Marketing and Public Relations
            3) WIkinomics

            Hope that helps?
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              TJMorehead Adventurer
              Hi Neisha,

              A travel agent business, I say internet marketing and advertising.

              Warm regards,
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                Bridge Navigator
                Try looking at

                They have sveral options from basic hosting, to professioanl web templates, to custom designed sites.

                Prices are reasonable and they offer 24/7 services.

                Most new accounts come with some type of advertising "credits" for google adwords, etc.
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                  trademarkGFX Newbie
                  A Great way to Advertise is to take some of the money you would usually use on print advertising and sponsor a local fair or festival... or a local baseball or soccer team. They are all great ways to get your name out there, and if you get involved rather than just slap your name on something than you should have a good response. Like treat your team to ice cream after a game, or set up a booth at a summer music festival. Thats my advice for ya!

                  Brian Hall
                  trademark GFX
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                    Skala86 Newbie

                    I have developed a unique booklet for start up businesses like yourself, to provide them with the practical tools to market their business. If you would like a copy for free, please just drop me your e-mail address at

                    I can also give you some advice about setting up a website and the most important points to consider.

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                      jamesreal1 Wayfarer

                      I really recommend a creative approach in internet marketing, SEO and SEM to help generate traffic to your business website. I believe you need to ask yourself...What is it that sets my home based travel company apart from office based travel agencies, from network marketing home based business, from American Express Travel agents and what is your target clients. I do not discourage you with your home based business but unless you have tons of family and friends to travel year round and can afford to travel year round you will have to incorporate old school business growth 101 to make a considerable profit.

                      You will have invest 5 hours a day generating business through calls, 5 hours a day to appointments, 5 hours a day to prospecting within a 50 mile radious and it will take time and effort but eventually the return will be worth it.

                      This site can get you started with email marketing campaigns

                      This will get you started with your own website and internet marketing

                      Good Luck in building up your home based business.