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    How do I find ivestors or partners for my new business?

    Kennel Newbie
      I have been trying to make a go of a show/breeding kennel for 5 yrs. I have all the knowledge of correct breedings, correct timing, procedures for breeding, helping dams and puppies surviving. I would like to invest in equipment for freezing semen for clients etc. The equipment is very expensive but the demand for this is very high especially in my breed and in my area. I have been through alot so my personal credit is not good but I am very good at what I do and have had many inquiries on me starting this type of business. Since I do not have the start up equity how do I find partners or investors?

      Thank you for any advice
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          investors or partners for my new business. Welcome.

          You start at the beginning by telling us a little more about yourself.
          Where you are located like City and State. Go to members page and share more info.
          Do you have an Accountant?? Financial records for the past 3 years??
          Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan that I can see??
          What is the competition like in your area?? Do you have employees??
          How much are you looking for?? For How long?? and How will I get paid back??

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              Kennel Newbie

              Thank you for your quick reply, Luckiest. To tell you a little about my background, I have been breeding St Bernards for 16 yrs although not on a large scale. I have started showing and breeding only the top CH lines the last 3 yrs. I have attended many seminars on reproduction, handling and all health aspects of dogs. I have done many artificial inseminations for many dogs friends and for some who just hear of me by word of mouth. I currently get calls from all over the US but because I do not have the equipment for shipping frozen or shilled semen I am unable to fulfill the requests. I have put every penny into purchasing only top quality dogs, building, kennels, basic needs and the funds for showing the dogs I curently have.

              My goal is to do the following services handling of dogs at dog shows, boarding, grooming, reproduction (projesterone testing, a.i's, transcervicals, relaxin tests and whelping) and handling, obedience classes and pet photography.
              I have very limited competition for reproduction as the nearest reproductive center is in Ohio. Since breeding can be VERY time sensitive many breeders do not have the time to drive several hrs when a female should be bred in that hour. I have several breeders of hunting dogs in my area but since most of the males are frozen semen I have also been unable to help them. The only handling and obedience classes around are at our local retail stores there is a high demand for one on one and in a more casual individual setting. Although I live in a country setting I am only miles away from a more upscale area in which pet's take a huge part of people's lives, that being said people spend alot on their animals in which the photography would take a major role.

              I currently do not have any employees but have the assistance of my husband. I have not been able to put all that I can into my dream since I have not had the capabilities to get it off the ground and have had to work full time but I know this can be very profitable and would like to succeed. If I did not work full time I have had several offers of whelping litters for breeders in which I charge $1500 per litter this in it's self coule be a very profitable thing to do as breeders also need to work and sometimes cannot breed a dam due to timing and lack of being able to be with the dam.

              I do have alot of marketing ideas but once again have not been able to act on them. I am currently working on a business plan. The estimated cost I will need so far for all equipment, training, marketing is approx $10,000. Since I have just started researching and finding out exactly what I need I am not familiar with all the terms of partners, investors etc. I am however very good at the business part, I have had vast experience in customer service and administration/business office so I know what it takes to make money for larger businesses.

              Please feel free to view my website for my show dogs I currently have www.indystbernards it is however currently a work in progress.

              Thank you