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    Personal Development, Direct Sales Business

    meganm Newbie
      Hi There!

      My name is Megan Malouin and I recently launched my home based business in the Personal Development industry. I love that the commissions are high, I get to truely work on myself and my own self worth and spend the time that I want with my family! check out my website
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Personal Development, Direct Sales Business, in San Diego
          *Hi There. It is great that you *recently launched your home based business.
          Working from home can be rewarding. I have been doing it for the past 25 years
          I am also a SCORE Counselor and SCORE is FREE.

          My only problem with working from home, is who do I delegate to??

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            meganm Newbie
            Hi There Luckiest,

            I love your username. I have worked with Score in the past and love them. I will contact them ASAP. My friendly grant writer has flown the koop! I do need funding for startup, but Accion has turned me down. I am also looking for private investors. I found a fantastic tool called, Virgin Money, run by the Virgin Company that will manage loans between different parties.

            I appricate all the info and help I can get. The loan I am looking for THIS MONTH is 25K. My credit is iffy, but will be repaired!