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    Offering free wi-fi to customers?

    caffeinated Scout
      I want to enhance my customers' experience by offering free wi-fi in the shop. But what I don't want to see happen is customers monopolizing the tables for several hours..... and not giving other patrons a chance to sit and enjoy their stay. Any suggestions?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          I guess it all depends on what kind of atmosphere you are trying to create. Another Starbucks? If not and you plan to move tables like a restaurant, then Wi-Fi may not be a good idea.

          I do all my after hours biz app testing at youngest shih-tzu monopolizes everything when I am at the computer for long periods of time..

          ...that being said, I do buy coffee and something to eat while I am there since I feel that its rude to monopolize space in a retail establishment for free.

          My 2cents worth...just how I see it from a customers point of view.
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            seeker Wayfarer
            You can market this way ;

            Less than $20 orders: Wi-Fi costs $5.99 for the first hour and $4.99 hourly rate for the rest of his/her time.
            $20 or more orders : 1 hour free internet service and $4.99 hourly rate for the rest of his/her time

            You can always adjust the minimum order price, wi-fi hourly price and time limit based your business turnaround. Your best advertisement is going to be your business scene in full capacity at all times. If you can adjust these factors well, you may benefit from Wi-fi access. Of course these all depend to your business structure..
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              designer Tracker
              What is wi-fi? I remember being a kid and we had a hi-fi.