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    Need financial help starting my business!

    mikesparts Newbie
      I am opening a VW parts retail store in Stanton CA. I have a business plan that I have been showing my vendors, and most of the vendors know me. I have three positive vendors, and one more to apply with. I am lacking a co-signer for the store and $5000.00 to get the ball rolling. Any ideas? My credit is poor and my family says they can not help. I know that this business will work because of many different factors. The most important ones are: existing business with another owner is choosing to move on who has had a business for 8 years in not a great location but has still been very successful, business I am creating will cater to the same customers in a better location with less overhead cost. I have a strong desire to succeed and I am very knowledgable in the field of selling VW automotive parts. Can anyone help? I believe I could payback within 2 years.