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    Prepaid mobile phones.

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      For the business savvy people out here, does anyone know of a really cool cell or mobile phone that has lots of features, but also works on a pre-paid billing system?

      I currently have a very tiny audiovox - Virgin mobile phone. I love it because it works on a pre-paid method. I get billed about $20.00 every 3 months. I don't really use the phone too often, it is more like an answering service that goes 24/7. Cost-wise, it can't be beat.

      Here's the thing...the phone is cute and works and all, but if I am out in public or in a group of cutting edge people, my phone looks pretty unsophisticated and prehistoric compared to the Blackberry's out there and the iphone and all these other really attractive phones. My phone is almost laughable, when you are out - - -image is everything, they say. For someone that doesn't use the phone too much, but wants something more for "show"....are there any pre-paid cool phones out there? Thank you.