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    Airline Industry question...skyrocketing fees.

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      For anyone in the airline industry...I am baffled why the price of tickets are skyrocketing? If some the airline carriers are merging and acquiring one another, it seems that would make them especially solid/strong. I know gas prices are rising, but to offset, more business people and vacationers are holding back on traveling, so with more seats available...why are airline ticket prices so high?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          There are not more airline seats available. The airlines are starting to park their older aircraft, cancel flights and consolidate. Service is being cut to perimeter destinations and more hub and spoke flights are being added to conserve fuel and make sure aircraft are being used efficiently.

          I fly quite a bit and its' been ages since I have been on a flight that was not packed or even oversold. This applies to international travel as well as red eyes....

          I have not seen a real cutback in business travel...when you have to go you have to go....price is pretty much not at the center of the issue when there is a deal on the table.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            *Airline Industry question...skyrocketing fees*<br /<br />*There is a *segment from MadTV that sums up the way many travelers are feeling these days.
            It shows the airline attendant going through the pre flight safety list
            Welcome aboard. Please make sure your seat belts are fastened, you can purchase a
            seat belt for $5 dollars.
            Laboratories are located at the front and back of the airport.
            Look at your saftey pamplet at a charge of $4 dollars.
            Oxygen masks will drop free of charge. To start the flow of oxygen, that will be an additional $75.
            *There is more, Have a great flight LUCKIEST*<br /<br />

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              MRFINANCE Adventurer
              And now NO FREE PEANUTS or coffee!!!! You gotta pay for luggage and maybe it will even arrive with you at your destination.


              Whats next???? PAY TOILETS ??????
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                Generation4 Adventurer

                • 2 bags used to be free, now some airlines charge for the second bag
                • extra leg room in coach comes with a fee, some charging if you want to secure exit row
                • you can secure a booking on an online travel agency, but you don't always get a seat and have to show up at the gate and stand alone to get a seat!
                • the change fees are $$$
                • airlines being more stingy on points/miles
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                    DomainDiva Ranger
                    Extra bag(s) mean extra weight = greater fuel consumption.

                    If someone pays for the exit row, then be assured they know HOW to open the door in an emergency.

                    Booking online is great and saves money but you have to get there at leat 1.5 hrs early and get checked in, bag(s) included. You cannot expect to board the aircraft for a flight when you arrive a few minutes before the door closes.

                    Change fees vary...if you are at the ticket counter...being really nice to the ticket agent may get you a better seat on an earlier flight...if you get there early...

                    My carrier has never been stingy on miles. I have a credit card that builds miles as well, and if I use that card to purchase an airline ticket I get double miles and points.

                    People complain these days but they don't remember as I do the days when steaks and wine were served in coach (just smaller portions), and when everyone DRESSED to fly.

                    I am an ex-airline(er) and have been through and seen many bankruptcies and shut a matter of fact you may want to look at the lastest news of MESA shutting down service to the smaller cities. Aircraft are hugely expensive to lease and maintain. We take so much for granted and don't remember that these companies have to make money as well in order to move the goods an people that they do. This includes the freight haulers as well.
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger

                    Airline fares are up about 20 percent compared to last year -- but operating costs are up 44 percent (mainly due to rising fuel prices), and available seats are down 15 percent (for reasons Diva noted). The trucking industry is being hit even harder -- and since almost everything in the U.S. moves by truck at some point, the cost of almost everything is going up accordingly.

                    Yes, Diva, I also remember when everyone dressed up to fly (of course, everyone dressed up for chruch back then, too).
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                      amspcs Ranger
                      I took trip to east coast and back last week. Flight going was packed to the gills. Return flight...26 passengers total (and no, it wasn't a 'red eye'). Over $500 bucks round trip !!!!. because I couldn't book two weeks in advance (death in family, so it was a last minute deal)..which I'd guess should help defray the cost of fuel, plus all the surcharges, luggage charges, meal charges, curbside checkin charges ($3 per bag!) etc.

                      Fuel prices are obviously an issue for everybody.. But on the other side of the coin, higher gas prices should discourage folks from driving their cars to their destination and hop a plane instead, which should actually help put behinds in airplane seats. So lets not be unrealistic and blame the whole thing on fuel prices; after all, the airlines have been performing terribly since long before the spike in oil prices. . My guess is that lousy management and operations also plays a big part in the industry's problems. .