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    I need help obtain a loan for my boutique

    OhSoFierce Newbie
      I am wanting to open up a boutique in my area because there is no where to shop but the local belk and they have a very SMALL selection and if you were to buy clothes you would have to drive atleast 30mi to the nearest mall or whatever. I want to carry designer clothes, jewelry, shoes and such. I know for a fact that the business will do exceptionally well because I have talked a large amount of people asking them if a boutique would do good, and they will tell you, "I will definetly buy from you instead of driving in traffic to pay outrageous prices". I already have a location that I want because its a good traffic area and its on the main street. I need about a $200,000 loan to fully stock, decorate my boutique. I am wanting the loan for no longer than 10 years, which I know is a very long time but when the business really picks up good which I know for a fact it will it will be paid off in 6 years. I have already contacted companys to carry there products I just need help getting the money. My personal credit is not so good but I am paying off all my debtors within the next 30 days.