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    a"Pre-Launch Like No Other"!.

    Rudden Newbie
      For it is a company who's formal name is still a mystery ! and the name of its
      permiere product is currently classified !.

      Yet this quintessential opportunity begins in May !.

      The secretive nature is not
      intended to cause intrigue
      but the most important aspect being it is meant to
      keep away anypotential poachers.

      It has taken three years to
      formulate and perfect the
      technology for its primary
      offering.Hence the first person to open the door and
      reveal this marvel to the world will forever dominate
      the market !.

      A though povoking way to
      describe this innovation is to
      say what the iPod did for the
      music industry,this will be ethed in the minds of the
      Network Marketing industry
      and beyond as the Nutritional iPod.As a result of its unusual delivery

      So if you are curious individual who has a geniue
      craving to incorparate something extraordinary into your life than this brilliant enterprise has been created with you in mind !.

      To receive additional information please vist my
      Pre-Launch website at

      In life it is said"There are some people who see thing as they are and say why ? as
      others dream about things
      that never were and say why not ?.

      Well if after imbibing on what will be presented to you,leads your heart to say to you why not ?.

      Than if you would like you can Pre-Position yourselk before a massive multi million dollar media blitz commences.

      This monumental cooperative advertisment
      campiagn will be extremely
      beneficial for fortunate to
      among the first to lock in a
      secure position at"no cost"
      with "no obligation"!.Before
      the official launch date.

      Thank you for your time.

      You know it is also said in life"That one step in the right direction is worth one
      thousand years of thinking
      about it" !.