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    WSI franchise ?

    junita Newbie
      I am considering this Franchise opportunity. Please share any experiences/ information regarding this internet marketing franchise? I will need a loan for $50K

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          WSI franchise ? - - Welcome

          Tell us more. You are considering this Franchise opportunity

          Where are you located?? Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??

          How soon do you need the funds?? For How long?? and How will you pay me back??

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            Can someone explain what exactly WSI is selling?

            A franchise for what? For giving small business IT consulting?

            To be honest, we need to be someone to create the franchise program not the franchise.
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              Junita I don't know if you are looking for a franchise or a second, third stream of income. But I also have looked at some franchises and ended up with a company called Zurvita because of the investments I seen with most franchises that are out there. I know people that own franchises and also others who have worked with companies like Zurvita and because of what I have been told from both about the amount of hard work and time to get your investment back I went with a Network, work from home or what ever you want to call it type of business. I have only been working for about 2 months, and in that short amount of time earned my investment back. But like any business you get out of it what you put in to it. If you want to check out the overview at and then contact me.

              Ron Jones
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                WSIOhio Newbie
                I own a successful WSI franchise in North East Ohio. I perionically provide a webinar to explain what it is like to be an internet cosultant leveraging the WSI franchise system Feel free to attend one of my webinars if you would like to learn more. Seminar dates are posted here: .

                Best wishes....Gene
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                  kwblank77 Newbie

                  The best way for you to get information is to begin the process with WSI and obtain the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). There will be a section that gives you contact information of the franchisees including ones that have left the system. It will also tell you how many have opened and are still open. Just be sure that you find out how many have been sold and are still open. Just because it has been open for 5 years doesn't mean it hasn't changed owners at least once. By getting the FDD, you can contact as many franchisees as you want instead of hoping for someone to answer you here. Although some of the comments are useful.

                  For everyone selling theirs, I have experience in selling existing franchises and may be able to help if you want.