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    Investment Partners Wanted

    GreatDeal Newbie
      We are a real estate development company. We are currently seeking new investors for our next two projects. The investment for a project might be $2m - $30m in equity, which is supplied by the partnership. The balance of the project is paid for by bank loans. Shares for our partnerships start at $100k. Depending on the project, we usually liquidate the partnership within 1-7 years. For the last few years, the lowest returns we have had are in the 20%+ range, per year. Much higher returns are common, but of course each project is unique and has its own ROI, so no guarantees. Our typical partner is a person that is looking for a better return than the stock market, but still wants to invest with a careful, experienced firm. Please contact me if you are interested. If we both agree, I am happy to fly and meet with you for a face-to-face review of our proposal. Thank you.