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    Anyone ever dealt with "Business Credit Services" before?

    EL_DollarShop Adventurer
      I have already contacted a consultant at Business Credit services, and have to say when doing my shoping around of companies that provide services from start-up to exsisting businesses. The concept for what they offer sounds just what i need now to get my $1.00 store going. They are sugested by the IRS as well as several other respective entites. Thier programs seem unmatched by several others I have shoped around, and looked at.
      They promise to take you through the 5 steps to developing proper business credit, that is also sugested by the SBA, and SCORE. For a fee they take care of forming a corporation to developing proper Biz credit.

      My question is has anyone dealt with this company before, and what is your opinions of what they did for you. I can look at testimonials all day that they post on thier web site, but just like a hypnotise at a carnival that makes people cluck like a chicken on stage, they are just paid plants in the audience, I know becuase I have done hypnotisim for over 30 years!

      Any input from those real people out there that have dealt with this company would be apreciated!
      Here is thier web site

      Thanx, Michael