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    I need help!

    mgstpaco Newbie
      I am a young man trying to get a small business started. The business is a private security company, and I have plenty of people willing to do some work for free in the startup phase. I am looking at startup equipment cost, and it seems I will need a loan for three thousand dollars. Can any one help me? The company would specialize in property guarding and property retrieval if need be.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          *I need help, Welcome to this web site**. Tell me more,*

          Where are you located ( where should I mail the check)

          Do you have a Business Name?? How soon do you plan on starting??

          How long will you need the money for?? And How and when will you pay me back??.

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              mgstpaco Newbie
              Well I am in Massachuetts,and our business name is still in the works. It will either be "Pacoist Militia Corps." or "United Pacoist Security" I actually plan on starting in the next two weeks. I will need the money for at least four weeks, (shipping of equipment such as uniforms, tactical gear and non-lethal weapons such as batons takes a while from the vendors I have spoken to.) This is a business I am trying to start along with my job, I work part time (School and Volunteer work prohibit any other) from which I recieve a paycheck every two weeks. My hours aren't very good and niether is the pay (9.79 per hour) so I can't really save up money for the time slot I want to get this setup. But if there is a monthly bill I would be able to pay the mininum if not a good amount. I am not sure how long it will take me to pay it back, espcially if there is interest. But I will pay the loan back.