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    Increasing sales.

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      How do you increase your sales? Through advertising, yes...that helps, but what is the best way to advertise? It is illegal to set up a table on a public sidewalk or park and sell your wares, it is illegal to solicit on a bus or train, it is illegal to call someone on the phone and try to sell them something. So, if you have something to do you advertise? How do you sell? Postcards in the mail....people have said just get thrown away. Ads in magazines are too costly for a small business person. If you have a site, how do you get people there. Everyone goes on and on how busy they are. It's like pulling teeth to get people over to a site. In today's day and do we sell? What do the experts suggest?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Increasing sales, designer, it sounds like we did this once before

          Know your customer, Know how your customer makes his / her money.

          Learn the customers decision making process.

          Build a relationship with the customer, not just through sales.

          Focus on needs, NOT Price.

          And YES Develop a Business Plan.

          Again, LUCKIEST
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            Iwrite Pioneer
            Fashion shows at local clubs.
            A healthy referral program.
            A necklace on an on air-newsperson.
            It may be illegal to set up a table without a permit but you can get a permit in most city and do a display in a public area.

            I was at a focus group for a large electronic retailer, there was a person who claimed to never watch tv in the group but every time the moderator mentioned a program she knew who he was talking about and what was going on with the shows. I stopped being surprised years ago at how many people fudge the number of hours they watch tv. Programs are seeing record numbers of viewers but no one is watching. LOL

            I encourage clients to get creative about it. Nothing works all the time but a good mix can get you great results. Guerilla marketing is a really good tool that most people are afraid of but with the right permits, you can do some really impactful things.

            I think it would be great to place window clings on the mirrors of the women's bathrooms in a really nice office building or restaraunt (with permission from the building). Women could stand in front of the mirror and see how they would look with your jewelry on. Because they are window clings, they can be moved easily to match a woman's height. Cards or postcards could be place on the counter.

            This is a new thought!! If it works I want credit for it! This could also be done in elevators that are mirrored. I like the rest rooms better. Health clubs would work too. Always ask and get permission.
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                FYI: I used your business because mine doesn't go after clients in the same manner. I increase sales through the relationship with existing clients. I get them to increase their budgets by the growing the relationship.

                My suggestions were to show that you don't have to spend a lot of money but you do need to invest time and energy. We have to start thinking creatively about how we reach people.
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                Designer, I promote sales several different ways. I do many art shows throughout the year, where I am showing and selling product. I am also giving flyers to interested people who don't purchase right then. Never hurts to sow seeds for the future. These flyers have my 800 phone number and website. I make sure that every piece that I sell goes out with my name, phone and website on the back of the item. Then if the customer loses their papers, they can look on the item. I also include a note with the item that tells them that my name and contact info is on the back of the item. Other ways in the past that I pumped sales was to send a card with each item that said I would give a 10% discount for them or a friend that made a purchase in the next 30 days. I also sell wholesale as well. You could do the same if you get involved in some artist and crafter organizations. They have lots of leads to gallery's. Network with other artists and find out what they are doing and where.

                Sales is not the game. MARKETING is the game. Sales is the result of marketing. Just keep throwing mud at the wall and eventually something will stick. The more mud that sticks, the stickier the wall. so even more mud will stick. Just keep throwing your product out there. Find your customer, not a customer.

                Remeber, that you will never know what works until you know what doesn't work. I do shows every year that are stinkers, but I keep trying new ones because you never know if you don't go.

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                  lowdose Wayfarer
                  Two-thirds of all sales are driven by word-of-mouth, simply one person recommending a product or service to another. I have a house cleaning business and that is definitely true for us. You should look for ways to get people talking about your product. And a great way, which I use as often as possible, is by having your client introduce you to new clients. In my case, I try to meet my clients' neighbors by having them introduce. That works a lot. Here's a video link about how to get people talking in a more general sense: