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    please help! I need a loan to start my business!

    tapiocaThouse Newbie
      Well, this is the third time I send this message and I hope the forum let it go through. My last two post din t go through and I have no idea why. I sent another regular question and it went through. It s kind of weird.
      Anyway,my name is Thanh Nguyen. I m openning a business in downtown Reno. WE have a great location and we bought most of the furniture and equipments. We have some cash in the bank but we do need a loan to get the place up and going . I have the architect working on the drawings now and I already had the lisence, tax paperwork, employees paperwork,etc.....The business is expected to be open by July 1st, 2008. We offer a new drinks to Reno, Nevada. It s tapioca drinks . It s pretty popular in California and expanding to other states pretty fast. We also offer home cooking Vietnamese sanwiches, finger foods ( chicken wings, shirmp balls, french fries, onion rings....). The store locates next to Unversity of Nevada and infront of the university s soronities houses. It s right by the entrance of downtown Reno. So It s a wonderful location with great potential. We need a 50000.00 loan to help building the kitchen. It s a big store and the money we have isn t enough to cover everything.
      My family has the same drink store back in Vietnam and it has always been successful. I really want to bring my mom s great recipe into my shop and make my dream store comes true. I already have very close to enough to get the place opened. I just need a little help to get the kitchen built the way i want it. Base on the fact that I m pretty young , I don t know where to start and who I should talk to.
      Any suggession would be greatly appreciated!
      Thanks in advance and God bless you, your family and your business!
      Warm wishes,
      Thanh Nguyen
      Tapiocateahouse LLP