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    Has anyone heard of "tagged"?

    designer Tracker

      I have received a couple emails recently Inviting me to something called "Tagged". It will say.... Person "X" has invited you to Tag or Tagged. Are you this person's friend? Click here. If you say no, this person will think you are not their friend.


      The strange thing about this email I got 2x is that the person inviting me to this Tag is a celebrity. I had a business deal with her 3 years ago. I would not really consider her like a good buddy because she never came through on a certain promise. When I google tag or tagged along with the celebrity name, nothing comes up.


      I know there are so many sites like MySpace, Linked In, Facebook, etc.
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          caffeinated Scout

          Hello designer! i found what i think is the site you're referring does look like another social networking site. i am a member of myspace, facebook and personally, if somone declined me as a friend when i reached out to them, i wouldnt be offended. i mean how many social network sites can you actively participate in? i cant possibly manage all of them, there's only so many hours in the day. maybe try reaching out to her through one of your existing networks or have her join this one??

          good luck and i hope you dont burn any bridges
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger
            I remember reading about it in the Wall Street Journal. It was about a year or so ago, but at that time it was described as a well-funded social network targeted specifically to a middle school and high school demographic.
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              LUCKIEST Guide


     is a social networking Web site. It was co-founded
              by Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith
              and launched in October 2004 by
              Tagged Inc. and is privately owned. The site's early innovations
              the use of slides and Youtube as a part of the site’s graphical interface.


              The site allows its users to send messages, leave comments, post
              bulletins, customize status, browse photos, watch videos, play games,
              give tags, chat and make friends.


              As of August 2007, the site claims to have 30,000,000 registered users.


              There was also a reference on MAD ABOUT YOU about TAGGED. An item you want left to you after the parents pass.



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                travelconsult Newbie
                Hi Designer,

                Yes, I have been "Tagged" a number of times since a client added me to her list. I stupidily accepted her invitation so I would not hurt her feelings. I have not even looked at the site or actively joined.

                I have received "tagged" messages from complete strangers and I just choose to ignore the email. I tend to stay away from networks like Facebook, and MySpace. I have experienced both via my children who joined while they were in school.