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    please help!!!

    tapiocaThouse Newbie
      I don t know what s wrong . I m new to the website and I just posted a to pic up last night. Now when I checked the email watch list it said my topic is NOT ANSWERED. And I can t find it anywhere in the forum . I don t know what happened ???
      I just asked a question about getting a loan to help starting my business. I hope this topic goes through.
      Thanh Nguyen
      Tapiocateahouse LLP
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          Winelight Wayfarer
          Dear TapiocaTHouse,

          Do you remember which Forum you were in when you posted? The Forum moderators will frequently move a posting to a more appropriate Forum if they feel your post in not on topic will receive more exposure elsewhere. It appears you are looking for some start-up capital so "Loans and Lines of Credit" would be the most correct choice however, you may find it in the "Business Classifieds" Good hunting.

          All the best,

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