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    Starting an online business...

    sam_joy Newbie

      I was wondering if anyone could offer guidance as to the best way to start a
      business that offers customized giftware & promotional items, framed
      artwork, and business products.

      How do you find companies or manufacturers to make the customized
      gifts/products that you have designed?

      Can you recommend any books or place on getting started in the giftware and
      promotional products industry?


        • Re: Starting an online business...
          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting an online business, Welcome to this web site. Great question.
          Yes I can offer guidance as to the best way to start a business.
          1) Visit SCORE in person or on line. SCORE IS FREE.
          2) Develop both a Business and Marketing Plan.
          How soon do you plan on starting?? Where are you located??
          Good luck, LUCKIEST