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    Serious Business Entrepeneurs: $250K/yr potential. See info

    AymeeB Newbie
      Looking for experienced online network marketing business entrepeneurs who want to earn a serious income working from home. If you enjoy network marketing but you are tired of not making enough, try this. Must be self motivated and either have experience with web 2.0 or be willing to learn. Our online marketing system, CarbonCopyPro, offers all the necessary follow ups, calls and even sales closing for you. Your role, drive leads through your system. Pays $1K per sale with a potential first year income of $250K/yr if you work hard to learn the different marketing techniques for online sales. You are welcome to visit my site and look around. There is an application and a fee $49 (on the site). It is 100% refundable if you do not qualify and it is mainly to keep non-serious prospects from wasting their time (and mine). There is a $3K investment to get started. I am up front about all these requirements to avoid any confusion!! The $3K includes a complete financial investment planning package from the company we work with, plus an estimated $1k extra for advertising/marketing you may need to do (so the $1k is flexible and just a ballpark). This is also not a traditional MLM structure and simply a One Tier commission plan like insurance agents have. Only you and your direct sponsor receive commissions from your sales. This is 100% online based so you can work from anywhere as long as you have a computer with internet access. I look forward to coaching some of you through this exciting opportunity. I also have a personal website for those of you seeking where to get online marketing tips and courses.

      Best wishes for prosperity,

      Aymee Buckhannon
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Serious Business Entrepreneurs, Welcome to this web site.

          Looking for experienced online network marketing business entrepreneurs.

          Would like to know more about CarbonCopyPro, How long they have been in business??

          and more about who
          Aymee Buckhannon is?? and your background.

          Thanks, LUCKIEST
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              AymeeB Newbie
              Hello Luckiest,

              CarbonCopyPro is an online marketing tool that basically works in conjunction with the company whose products we market. CCPRO (the online system), takes your leads through an education process about the business opportunity, follows up for you with your prospects via email directly, contacts your leads on the phone (twice by an experienced leader just to answer any questions but not with the purpose to close), and offers a call center who can answer all of your prospects questions about the system or the business itself (jnstead of you having to do it yourself). It is like an online CRM tool built by network marketers to handle the lead follow up and closing process for you, which is essentiall the part that most people dislike... the sales, closing and follow up! You can visit my site to learn more details and click around the pages I offer. CCPRO system has been in place since October of 2007. The company we partner with has been around since 2005.

              Who is Aymee Buckhannon? Well, you can Google me, or you can visit my personal website as well at

              Thank you for your inquiries and I hope I satisfied your questions. :)
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              AymeeB Newbie
              I have received several emails from members of this forum asking different questions about CCPRO and I decided to put together an audio online tutorial that addresses all of them. Please feel free to visit that tutorial at
              m . It is about 7-8 minutes long and easy to navigate. Thank you very much for all the interest and I look forward to working with you.