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    Looking for money to start a Charter Business - Sailing

    Yachtman Newbie
      The subject says it all...

      I am looking for money to start a charter business - Sailing. I offer nothing in return except a thank you and an inventation for you and your family or friends to sail on the boat for free for a week. Atleast I am being honest...

      I work away from my family overseas and while I make good money I am away from them except for about 25 days a year.

      I would like to start a chartering type business with a sailboat or three... I am interested in doing this on a local large lake in Texas. The cost of a new large boat is large. I do not have the money - only the dream and want. If you choose to help provide funding --- I will be happy to provide a free one time charter to you.

      Yes I realize that most people want there money back with profit. I am not offering that - so if that is you - move on...If you are interrested in making a working man's dream come true and allowing him to be at home with his family - then let us talk.

      Respectfully -