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    Need Investor for $1.00 Dollar Store start up!

    EL_DollarShop Adventurer
      First I would like to thank you for even reading this post. The following will show you the seriousness of my endeavor.

      Our goal is to provide consumable and perishable name brand goods to the consumer at prices that fall far below the price of regular franchised retail stores. Market share of dollar stores selling name brand products for $1.00 or less have exceeded above 60% above competing supermarkets, and retail stores selling the same products for 40% or above profit from each sale. We intend to provide products that are always in constant demand through the $1.00 retail market that the average consumer not only has have to become spending smart but also knows value of buying products for less than then offered at competing stores.


      Our research indicates we can achieve not only a goal gross profit above $300,000 during a regular six month season, and a gross profit above $600,000 during each year's seasonal months as projected by Entrepreneurs Reports. We realize we can achieve a gross profit goal of in excess of $900,000 per year within the first five years.

      We have already obtained a EIN number under the name of EL Dollar Shop, and plan to incorporate within the next few weeks.
      We have taken the first needed steps in creating a business plan though business address is still pending on site location. We also know that to obtain most loans good business credit in most cases is of the utmost importance, this is something we have not obtained yet, but have taken the time to research how to get the credit score that everyone will look at. Our personal credit score is very low so we do not wish to have it associated with our business credit.

      Our plans are to have a store space of 2,500sq ft(2,250sq ft for retail space, and 250sq ft for freight storage, and recieving) The average selling gross profit is estimated at $198 to $219 per square foot of selling space.

      We have done extensive research into companies that will assist in setting up a dollar store in which they provide all the nuts and bolts that is needed to open a non-franchised operation. From this research we found one such company we are most confident with. I could go into great length explaining this company but instead I provided the name and web url for you to view.

      Name: Liberty Oppertunity's Inc.

      The particular price package we are considering cost $89,000, with a down payment of $5,000 as a first payment. Though we prefer to make additional purchase of a POS system manufactured by Hewlett Packard, to view please click this link or copy and paste it to your address window.

      We believe this will help maintain better control of inventory management, as well as other usefull operations this system can provide.
      There will be a need for capital to purchase at least two of the systems. There also will be a need of capital to lease store space, set up utilities, and phone lines, as well as any business licence's we may be required to obtain.

      I am presently using my 401k to finance incorporation, and will have no liquid assets or collateral to use. We as of today will be speaking by phone to a business credit service for consultation on building the credit we need, though with understanding we know it is not a overnight success so we need a investor so we can start up our dollar store as soon as possible.

      Our business plan can be sent for your viewing if you would like, by providing a email address or physical address to be U.S. mailed to you. Please though upon reviewing it that addresses and bank names etc. are not yet established and that all projections, and analyses are properly researched.

      Thank you,
      M.J. Eisenbaugh