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    I need a website for my business

    SmellsSoGood Newbie

      Hello everyone. I am a small business owner selling men's and women's designer perfumes. I am looking for a Reputable company or person to design a website for my company for a nominal cost. I am looking for someone who can design the website and provide me a maual or how to list for how to upload my new products and so forths so that I can maintain my website after I get it designed. I will need the following added to my site-products loaded, shopping cart, add to cart button, the ability for clients to register (new clients) Login available for existing clients-I want my website to give the ability to accept discount coupon codes, accept credit cards and paypal.

      If you or your company can provide this service to me, feel free to contact me at

      I look forward to hearing from you soon

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          Johnsquest68 Adventurer
          RE: I need a website"


          I sent an email to your address with my company information. I look forward to speaking with you about your website and hosting needs.
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            nyctechsuppor Newbie

            I also sent an email to your address with my company information.
            I look forward to the opportunity to service your business.

            Best regards,
            Steve Davis
            NYC Technical Support Solutions, Inc
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              Dear Designsforless,

              We have been building custom website applications for customers for years and based on repeated requests such as yours to find quality site design services at an affordable cost we finally developed a totally managed website system where we load and configure your site on our system, show you how to add and edit the content whenever you want and then turn the site over to you.

              You get all of the features you requested (and more) such as the ability to upload and sell your products directly from the site, a shopping cart, the ability to accept PayPal, allow customers to log-in and create their own profiles and accounts, and provide online coupons.

              Most importanly you have the means to edit anything you want, add new pages (unlimited number), update your storefront inventory, at any time. We even have real people to show you how to do it. You aren't dependent on paying someone to make updates to your site.

              Our service runs just $50/month with no contracts and no hidden fees. You can find us at

              Hope this helps you.
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                mjc221313 Newbie

                I have sent an email to your address detailing how Webix Group can be of service to you and your business needs. We specialize in small business website design and hosting and can provide you with a fully manageable site with a complete e-commerce solution where you can manage you inventory from the front end of your website. I look forward to speaking with you regarding your goals. We are extremely affordable and have many free features for our clients. We don't nickel and dime you.

                Mike Campolattano
                VP Sales & Marketing
                Webix Group, LLC
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                  SupremeCakes Wayfarer
                  I would recommend that first you register for a free Google account. Then register for Google maps, also free. Check out all the free items that Google offers before you spend any money. BOB
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                      Yes Bob,

                      It is true there are some good free tools on the web and google has a lot of them. We are big fans of some of their apps like google analytics.

                      What you have to remember is that this is a small business forum. Most of us here are working on improving our websites for the purpose of making money (i.e. by driving more customers into our stores, getting them to call us, or generating sales directly online).

                      The biggest issue with the free site apps is that you end up with a web address that looks like

                      or with Google you can pay $50 PER USER that has an email address on your domain to upgrade to a Premium Account where you can use your own domain name.

                      As I said, the free apps have their place and fill a certain need. As a business you need to take into account that for most visitors this is the first impression they will get of you as a company and they only need to hit the back button if they aren't impressed with your ability to meet their needs.

                      We hope this helps in your decision making process.

                      Vyrel Sites
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                      franklinb Adventurer
                      By now you may have come to a conclusion on this. Just in case not, here is a suggestion:


                      With this system business owners can create from available templates, input all necessary text for each product and they offer credit card processing as well. This is a fee based all in one solution from a company that used to offer the free sites. Very nice solution for any small business with owner control and excellent security from a well managed company with a good reputation. Just take the link above to the description page.
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                        lawman2010 Newbie
                        We used a web design agency in the UK for our Legal Firm. They were friendly and even changed their sleeping patterns to fit around us which, is more than we expected. Also since our website went live we have gone from being a local business serving the community to serving clients from all over the US which has almost doubled our annual income. I can't believe that we took so long in deciding to have a website when you see the difference it has made to our business.
                        I told our web designers that I'd pass on their details to everyone I knew because I cannot fault them on anything, they were true professionals and kept in touch with us every step of the way. Their website is If you do want to use them tell them Steven the Lawyer from the US reccommended you.

                        God bless