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    How has the Small Business Online Community helped you?

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      To all Community Members:
      We want to hear how participating in the Small Business Online Community has helped your business. Tell us your story! Did you increase your sales, find a great business partner, get your business funded, improve your product/service, etc.? If you have a great story to share, we may not only feature it on the website, but we may also select you to tell your business success story to the media.

      To be considered for this opportunity, the following is required:

      1) Go to the Stories tab and submit your story

      2) Title your story: My SBOC success story (this way we can easily find all the story submissions)

      3) Tell us about your business (required: how old, how many employees, industry, city, if you are the owner/founder).

      4) Describe how participating in the Community has helped you and/or your business.

      5) Include a picture of yourself or your business with your story.

      6) You must be a registered member of the Community to participate. Registration is free and easy.

      7) You don't have to be a Bank of America customer, but if you are a Bank of America customer let us know (no account numbers please). Or better yet, if you became a customer because of participating in SBOC, then let us know that too.

      When will we select stories to be featured in the media?
      We are always looking for a great success story of how the Small Business Online Community is helping business owners, so keep them coming and one day we may reach out to you for a media opportunity.

      How will I get contacted if my story is selected?
      We will email you or if you provided your business phone on your profile, we may attempt to phone you. Additionally, it is possible that the media may contact you directly. So, please make sure that your business contact information is up to date always. Additionally, we will announce your story as being selected for a media opportunity on the website.

      What will you do with all the story submissions?
      If the story meets our Community Guidelines the story will be posted in the Small Business Online Community, like our other stories.