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    cheap software for startups(where do people go)

    deanhiller Wayfarer
      When you have a software project that needs to be done as a small business where you are lacking money, where do you typically go?
      I am wondering as I am an international startup company(based in Denver and China) and I would like to find out the places people go to do a bit more sales. I just started my company last january( Business is going better than I thought and now I am just starting to look for new sales leads in the US without needing to fly back to the US too much. I typically rent out software developers for 23USD / hour which is much cheaper than the US rates of 40- 60 USD / hour, but where should I go to advertise this...(ie. in what forums, etc. etc.). I haven't tried out google adwords but I have a feeling I might lose alot of money with no leads from that.
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          dollsbags Adventurer
          Try or

          I have used both for specialty coding that I needed done in PHP. I post a coding project, such as SEO for instance, and I receive several bids from PHP coders who will do the work for me. This is a great place for coders and developers to get work and offer their services and expertise.

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              deanhiller Wayfarer
              We have tried those sites AND at my previous company we inherited work from previous companies that used those sites and 95% of the time, the product had to be completely reworked because it was such a mess. ie. the company ended up with some of the worst code I have seen. They may have saved money up front, but in the end they probably lost more money overall. I was looking for a bit more upclass sites(companies to companies) as opposed to rent a developer type shop where you are sometimes getting a 20 year old who can write code but can't design a system at all.